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From the Ground Up: 5 Tips for Starting a Construction Company

Did you know that the US construction builds approximately $1.4 trillion worth of structures each year?

A lot goes into learning how to establish a construction firm, and it’s not just about finances. You’ll need to create an excellent business plan, navigate registration and licensing, hire outstanding employees, and devise a strong marketing strategy.

We’ve put together this guide to make starting a construction company easy. These 5 tips show you where to start.

Read on to find out more.

1. Create a Business Plan

Every successful construction business begins with a well-thought-out business strategy. Your business model does more than just put your company’s mission on paper; it ensures that its core principles can lead to a stable income.  Use a business plan template to simplify the entire process.

Create a strategy, develop it, show it to trusted mentors, and make changes as you go.

Do your market research to gain a solid understanding of your key demographic and create a targeted business strategy.

2. Register Your Business

Once you’ve created a business plan that you’re pleased with, you’ll need to research the regulations, licenses, and certifications necessary in your state.

The regulations of the construction sector make establishing a construction company a unique challenge. Your state, city, or county may have special regulations, so be sure to do your homework beforehand.

3. Get the Right Equipment

Starting a residential construction company would be impossible without the right tools and equipment.

You need to make sure you have the right equipment for the services you’re offering. If your starting investment is limited, secure essential hand tools before purchasing heavy equipment.

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4. Make Quality Hires

A skilled and competent team is at the heart of any successful construction company. You need to make hires you can rely on.

When starting a small construction company, build a strong core team of contactors. Rather than expanding too quickly, you’ll want to find one or two workers you trust. From this strong core foundation, you can begin hiring specialists as your company grows.

Be sure to ask potential employees for a portfolio of work or references.

5. Raise Funding

If you’re wondering how to start a construction company, good business practices will only get you so far. You need to consider the cost to start a construction company, and you need funding to launch a successful construction firm.

If you don’t have the savings to launch your business, you can obtain funding from private lenders, banks, credit unions, and government financing programs.

Aside from your base financing, you need to consider how you will secure a regular cash flow. Because of the erratic nature of construction billing cycles, cash flows are critical to your company’s success.

Starting a Construction Company Made Simple

If you want to start reaping the benefits of the booming construction market, you’ll need a strong leg up.

By following these tips for starting a construction company, you’ll be in good stead to penetrate the market and lay the foundations of your firm.

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