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Head to Head: Bought Vs Hired Furniture

Furniture is an integral part of the overall outlook and function of any space. It shows how good an office space can look and feel and lends to the overall ambience and design of the office’s environment. It even works the same way for a home.

Buying furniture, however, may be too costly and not the right decision at times. Sometimes you just need to rent the furniture like tables or chairs. It all depends on what your particular situation is. It makes sense buying sometimes, while at other times it makes sense renting furniture.

Here are the circumstances where you may need to ponder over the decision of hiring versus that of renting your furniture.

1.   Do You Need It Quick or Can It Wait?

Buying entails greater involvement of your time and money. For instance, if you’re moving into a home, you need to consider the bills and the mortgage you are paying and whether you can afford to buy those items or furniture.

When tenants also move into a space, it may take considerable time, for the furniture they’ve bought to actually arrive there. Till the time your new furniture actually arrives at your home or office, you can choose to hire the furniture from to seat your guests or employees.

Rental companies can furnish the house hassle free in as little as two days. That means you can get on with settling into the new office of home. When the purchased office furniture is delivered, the rented furniture can be easily returned, hassle free.

2.   Unpredictable Company Growth

While the previous situation could apply to residential or commercial property owners, this one is more relevant to company offices. There are times of fast paced growth in companies, whether they are established or new start-ups that may happen in bursts, which begs the decision, how to spend the extra money wisely.

In growth phases it can become difficult to account for the rapidly growing workforce and physical space needs. In an uncertain time like this, it is best to hire the furniture that adds to your office until that rapid phase growth subsides.

If you know that your company is in an industry that gets seasonal employment cycles, you should be able to benefit from the decision to hire desks, chairs and other office furniture for a rented office space.

This way you will not have to bear the high costs of buying and getting stuck with furniture once your seasonal employment cycle is over.

3.   When You Have the Money

When you do have the money to buy classy furniture from Christophe Living that adds to the style of your home (or office) you should do it. Your office may benefit from classy furniture that matches the overall look of the office and provides potential customers a good impression when they visit. It may even be a wise decision for a home, as it gives a similar impression to guests.

And the best part? The furniture is yours to keep.


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