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Here’s What You Need To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Property During COVID

Selling a property is no easy feat at the best of times, but now COVID-19 has reared its ugly head, the chance of selling your property just got that little bit harder. With many people choosing to stay put due to fear of safety or even lack of funds, you may need a little helping hand if you’re planning on selling up any time soon. Real estate is a tricky business, but we’ve got some great tips to keep in mind so you can list your property for sale with ease!

Whatever your reason for selling up, whether that be downsizing or relocation, you’ll need to think about how to go about the whole process while keeping in mind the guidelines we all need to follow for lockdown.

Set up virtual viewings

As we’re entering the UK’s second lockdown, the possibility of physically viewing properties has gone out of the window, for now at least. Many real estate agents will have put virtual viewings into place, so you’re able to see the property you’re interested in without the dangers of exposing yourself to coronavirus. Speak to local estate agents to see if they offer this facility.

The same goes for putting your home up for sale! It’s not unusual to have 3D virtual viewings of your home in this day and age, so why not find a real estate agent that offers video tours too? The more potential buyers can see, the higher chance you have of selling your property.

Finish off any DIY jobs around the property

Everyone’s got them; the odd job that you keep putting off! Use your free time during this second lockdown to finish off any DIY jobs around your home that may improve its chance of selling. Things such as a fresh lick of paint on the walls and fixings to brighten your rooms up can make a world of difference!

It’s also an idea to look at your property’s curb appeal. While physically viewing properties is a no-go, there is a big chance potential buyers might drive past to take a look at your property. Spruce up the curb appeal, and you’ll give yourself a fighting chance.

Get your paperwork sorted sooner rather than later.

Selling a property is a long process, and if you do find a buyer, it will work in your favor to be ready to get the rest of the process moving! Find your mortgage paperwork and send it off to your solicitor to see what needs to be done before selling up.

Familiarise yourself with floor plans

Having a good knowledge of floor plans can help both potential buyers looking to buy your property and yourself if you’re doing virtual tours too. Measure your property, so it’s easy to compare when looking at other floorplans. This will also help you mentally place furniture and imagine living there.

COVID-19 might have made it harder to sell your property, but it’s not impossible! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll find it much easier to sell your home.


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