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Highly Recommended Interior and Exterior House Painters in Media PA

Are you looking for a way to upgrade the appearance of your home? Renovations projects cost a great deal of money, which makes them unaffordable for the largest part of homeowners. Nevertheless, painting projects are considered the most budget-friendly home makeover alternative.

By changing the color of the house’s interior and exterior, your home will acquire an entirely new look. Besides being visually more appealing, it will increase in value and boost the mood of household residents. Paint is also touted to provide protection against moisture and all types of weather elements.

There is a multitude of quality house painters located in Media, PA, providing interior and exterior painting services.

Have a look at the most important benefits of hiring professional painters.

Benefits of interior painting

After purchasing a new home, most homeowners decide to undertake an interior painting project in order to personalize their space. Although the existing wall colors might seem nice, these aren’t likely to blend in with your décor. Hence, hiring professional painters to repaint the interior is the most convenient solution for getting the style you want.

Even if the walls in your new house are covered with old-fashioned wallpapers, there is no reason to worry about their look. By hiring interior painters in Pennsylvania, you will have the wallpapers removed in no time and have the walls painted in any color you want. These experts are capable of transforming even the darkest walls into a bright interior. They apply at least two coats of paint in order for the transformation to be successful.

Moreover, interior painting is one of the most affordable home makeover methods. Homeowners whose budgets pose restrictions in terms of home renovation can upgrade the look of their houses only by repainting the walls. Interior painters provide homeowners with an array of paint tones to choose from while providing them with useful advice. Choosing the right colors not only affects the visual appearance of the rooms, but also the feelings of household residents get when exposed to different tones.

For instance, blue is believed to induce calmness in individuals, hence being the perfect choice for the bedroom. In contrast, yellow stands for optimism and happiness, usually used in the living room and kitchen. Pale yellow is considered a much better choice than traditional yellow, as the latter can be overwhelming. Click here to learn how color psychology can help you create an emotionally stable home.

Furthermore, purple is a versatile tone, suitable for every room in the house. It promotes serenity, encourages the imagination of residents, and provides relaxation. Red, on the other hand, provides the best mental stimulation. Although not many people are fond of painting their walls red, this color looks great in the living room.

Pink represents romance and femininity, thus being a great choice for the bedroom. Conversely, green is unquestionably the most tranquil tone homeowners can introduce in their homes. It symbolizes harmony, balance, and energy. Consequently, green is a suitable alternative for any room that requires energy.

Another enthusiastic choice of color is orange. This tone is thought to stimulate appetite, which makes it perfect for dining rooms. Additionally, brown provides warmth and comfort, particularly suitable for people who adore simplicity.

In contrast, black is a synonym of sophistication and elegance. Nevertheless, painting all the walls black will affect your mood in a negative way, as this color induces a feeling of depression. Make sure to combine black with a brighter color in order to break the monotony.

Besides improving the mood in your home, interior painting prevents property damage. Interior walls are highly susceptible to moisture, which later results in the development of mold. Over time, mold is capable of threatening the integrity of your home. Fortunately, interior paint impedes moisture from penetrating the walls, thus minimizing the risk of mold. Professional painters use high-quality colorants to provide the necessary protection to walls.

Moreover, prior to painting the walls, painters in Pennsylvania clean them thoroughly so as to remove the accumulated dirt and grime. After removing all discolorations, they apply a primer and then a coat of fresh paint. If not cleaned properly, the surface won’t smooth and nice-looking. The following link,, includes some handy tips for removing stains from walls and wallpapers.

The ultimate benefit of professional interior painting is improved air quality. Unlike in the past, nowadays, the majority of paints contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which turn into gases. As a result, the absence of VOCs in interior paints is crucial in the prevention of asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues.

Benefits of exterior painting

Hiring professional painters in Pennsylvania to repaint your house exterior will undoubtedly increase your property value. Homeowners planning to sell their houses are highly recommended to invest in an exterior painting project in order to boost their home value. Believe it or not, a freshly painted house is likely to provide you with a higher return on investment than a renovated kitchen.

Another benefit of hiring exterior painters to improve the appearance of your house is the increased curb appeal you’ll get after the project completion. A nice curb appeal is essential for blending in with the other houses in the neighborhoods or for the purpose of attracting homebuyers.

An important reason for homeowners to invest in an exterior painting project is the protection exterior paint provides against natural damaging factors. The exterior of homes is prone to get damaged by the influence of the local climate, particularly in humid regions. Rain, snow, and high winds can be detrimental to your home’s siding unless it’s protected in some manner. Nevertheless, paint acts as a layer of protection, preventing water particles from finding their way inside the house.

Besides protecting your home against weather elements, exterior paint prevents insect damage as well. For instance, termites are infamous for causing the worst damage to properties, especially in houses with wooden exteriors. Prior to starting the painting project, exterior painters inspect the siding for potential signs of infestation. In case an insect problem is identified, these professionals take the necessary steps to address the issue and put an end to the infestation.

Exterior painting projects are also beneficial when it comes to house siding longevity. After applying a coat of paint on the sidings, these are likely to last a couple of years longer. Instead of replacing the sidings, you’ll be saving a lot of money by prolonging their life for a few more years.

In addition, the completion of such a project provides homeowners with peace of mind in the following ten years. Imagine not worrying about the appearance of your home for a decade, as well as not experiencing any mold problems. Hiring professional painters to be in charge of the project will save you a lot of stress and time, as these experts handle each phase of the project. They’ll take care of the preparation process, the painting job, and the cleaning process after the job is done.

The bottom line

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your beloved home.

Painting projects don’t cost much but provide surprising results!


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