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Home features Florida buyers want

Being inexperienced in the real estate world shouldn’t stop you from going after your dreams and plans. So, if you’re thinking about selling your home or flipping a house in Florida, there are some things to know beforehand.  One of the keys to successfully selling a house is knowing who are you selling it to. And that means knowing their preferences in terms of style, architecture, size, and other features of the property. For that reason, we prepared the list of home features Florida buyers want. It will help you prepare your property for sale and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

What is the home features Florida buyers want?

Let’s go through all the main home characteristics that are currently popular among buyers in Florida. These will help you update your home and be a few steps ahead of the competition – one of the challenges in the real estate business. Here are the items you should upgrade and sell your home fast.

Smart home features

With technology progressing every day, it is natural people want more of it in their new homes. Smart homes have become very popular, and the particular smart devices depend on buyers’ preferences and lifestyle. However, there are several popular smart home devices you should consider installing in the home you want to sell:

  • A thermostat that you can control with your smartphone – Florida weather can get pretty hot, so buyers want a feature that allows them to cool the house down before they arrive from work or a long day out in Florida’s sun. Also, these devices can learn the owner’s daily routine and therefore adjust the temperature to his needs.
  • Automated lights – lights that can turn on with motion sensor, or even from your home, add a security layer that buyers love. Not having to walk into a dark home feels much safer, especially for those living alone.
  • Smart alarm system – security has been one of the top priorities for new house owners. That’s why investing in a great smart alarm system as one of the essential home features, will surely attract more buyers. These systems usually include door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, cameras, etc. Choose the once that will improve safety and make the home more attractive.
  • Smart locks – being able to unlock your house from your smart home is a pretty nice feature. Moreover, there is no regular key that you can lose or damage and cause additional problems.

When it comes to the safety of your household, it’s good to think about it even before moving into a new home. Be sure to trust your belongings to a trustworthy local moving company and reduce the risks of getting scammed. There are amazing Miami Beach crews to transport items from your household without you feeling stressed and breaking the bank to pay for safe and reliable moving services.

Energy-saving appliances

Green homes have become more and more popular due to the rise in environmental awareness. Any appliances that save energy and water are very popular among new Florida home buyers, as they reduce monthly costs and more importantly, protect the environment.

Outdoor entertainment features

Florida’s residents truly enjoy amazing weather all year long. That’s why most of the home features Florida buyers want is related to the outdoor area of a home. Here are some features to consider investing in if you want to sell your home fast – and for a higher price.

Outdoor Kitchen

Spending time outside is something that many Florida residents enjoy. Preparing meals and eating in your garden or a balcony is a way to enjoy free time with your family and friends, so people look for homes that allow them to do that. Think about investing in outdoor kitchens, or at least semi-outdoor kitchens and some comfortable seating area that’s perfect for a relaxed day of Cooking, grilling, and having fun outside a home is surely one of the must-haves for Florida’s residents. alt.tag: cooking outdoors


Hot weather requires some ways to cool down and enjoy your backyard. Having a pool is a great bonus and many people look for this feature when buying a home. Even though there are many public pools in Florida, privacy is valued by most of the residents.

Outdoor shower

Another home feature that might seem like a small detail, but it can be a very important one. If you have a pool and outdoor kitchen in your backyard, an outdoor shower is a nice little feature that lets you wash after a swim, without entering and wetting your home.

Hardwood flooring

After taking care of the outdoor area, let’s proceed to some indoor home features Florida buyers want. Among the top choices is the hardwood flooring, as opposed to laminate, which is the least popular option.

Moving into a new home

After buying a dream house, the time comes to organize the moving process. Here are some tips on moving into a new home.

Leave old things behind

When relocating to a new home, you want to start fresh and without any clutter. That’s why you should take your time cleaning, decluttering, and then packing the old house. Remove all the items that you don’t need or those that are old or damaged and need an update. You’ll reduce the moving costs, pack much faster, and have a more spacious home.

Hire professionals

If you have a lot of heavy, fragile, or specialty items – it’s best to hire a professional to deliver them to the new house. Purple Heart Moving Group will provide you with excellent moving services – without you spending all the money on the move. This way you won’t have to worry about the safety of your items, or your new floors or walls – professionals know how to protect everything to deliver heavy furniture and moving boxes.

Stay organized

Selling and buying a home, as well as moving house requires a lot of planning and organization. Be sure to start your moving process on time, so you don’t need to finish tasks in a hurry. Doing tasks one by one will minimize the risk of hurting yourself, damaging something, or forgetting something important during this stressful period.


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