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Homeowner’s Guide: 5 Open House Tips That Will Get You More Offers

Open houses have a major impact on property sales. In fact, one recent survey revealed 67% of respondents said an open house had contributed to a sale, either directly or indirectly.

But if you want to have a flawless open house that leads to offers on your home, you need to get it looking top-notch. Here are 5 open house tips that will get you more offers without too much fuss.

1. Don’t Be Yourself!

This sounds like an odd one, but when it comes to a home, viewers want to see themselves in it — not the previous owners. Pack away any photographs and personal items, and clear away clutter to show your home off to its best.

Another option is to call in the experts and invest in home staging, so your home will look less like your castle, and more like the turnkey space buyers are looking for.

2. Leave it Spotless

Sure it’s a no-brainer, but when preparing for an open house your home has to be sparkling clean — no two ways about it. Clean it from top to bottom, looking out for cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners, and make sure your oven gleams.

You’ll also need to check for any signs of mold or mildew that could be lurking in unwanted places. Call a mold removal service to get your walls looking fresh and clean before your prospective buyers get a whiff.

3. Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

The first thing buyers will see when they visit your home is your front yard and everything that goes with it. To that end, make sure you clear away any weeds, tidy your flower beds, and keep any parking areas clear and visible.

If your home is looking grubby or unkempt, consider jetwashing it, or investing in a repaint for maximum appeal.

4. Keep Pets Away

We love them and they’re part of the family, but our pets aren’t welcome at an open house. Buyers may be afraid or allergic, or simply want to focus on the pleasure of viewing your home.

To that end, one of our top open house tips for sellers is to see if you can find a friend or family member who’ll take your pets off your hands for a few hours. You’ll be glad you did once the offers start rolling in.

5. Zest Some Lemons or Bake a Key Lime Pie

No, we haven’t gone crazy! In a recent survey, researchers discovered that the subtle scent of citruses like oranges, lemons or limes could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home!

Sellers have long been using scents like coffee, freshly baked bread and brownies to persuade prospective buyers to take the plunge. But experimenters revealed that citrus wins the race by a country mile.

Open House Tips – the Takeaway

Open houses are a great marketing tool to get prospective buyers through the door, and your home off your hands. Use our open house tips to ensure you have the most successful open house possible.

Keep it spotless, remove all personal items, and make an excellent first impression with your outdoor space. And if you switch the odors of your furry friends for some fresh citrus scents, you’re sure to be signing on the dotted line in no time.

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