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What Does The House Of The Future Look Like?

Hello, this is your house in 2035, and I’m calling to ask what you want for dinner.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our homes could do that kind of thing? The house of the future exists already. Properties are becoming smarter in many ways. They are actively reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing the lives of their occupants. So what are today’s homebuyers expecting from the housing market?

More green buildings

More and more homeowners are considering green buildings. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for buyers to buy to build or to improve. The process gives them full control over the structure and the materials used inside the property. The rise in environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials is changing the Construction industry accordingly. Indeed, buyers research construction companies that are knowledgeable about sustainability. Constructors promoting the use of materials such as HempCrete – a concrete-like structure created from hemp fibers – are appealing.

This asks a new question: How far are homebuyers ready to go for a green home? The typical green structure will consider the following:

  • Energy-efficient structure
  • Sustainable materials
  • Overall carbon footprint
  • Renewable electricity application
  • Etc.

Integration into the local environment

Being environmentally-friendly and environmentally-aware are two different things. The environmentally-friendly property reduces the negative impact on the environment. The environmentally-aware property, on the other hand, works hand-in-hand with its local surroundings. Homeowners, nowadays, are thinking twice about the protection they get from their homes. In regions where earthquakes are a risk, seismic joints can add extra protection. They allow multidirectional movements, making the structure more durable during seisms.

Working with your environment also guarantees smarter integration into the landscape. Viereck Architects in Austria, have designed mountain chalets that capture the panorama without blocking the view. The result is aesthetically pleasing and energy-smart, a full partnership between nature and building.

Smart and modulable homes

Smart technology has made its way into the home interior. Modern properties are therefore working to establish their structure around smart technology. Several real estate properties use temperature sensors to automatically adjust comfort settings. But architects are also creating homes that can adjust themselves. Modulable properties are equipped with the technology to rotate and orientate themselves. This can reduce energy consumption and adjust to weather challenges.

Tiny homes 

Tiny homes make sense from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. At an age where bigger is desired, tiny homes ask the right questions.

What if you could be cozy in a small space that values your budget and the environment? Downsizing is a financial choice for many homeowners. But it is also a liberating decision that cuts down the carbon footprint, stressful chores, and utility bills. Small living is the new green living. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that tiny homes are high in demand on the real estate market. They are low costs overall and encourage a green lifestyle.

With many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where homebuyers can start their dream home quest. Yet, in an evolving market, there is only one certainty. The house of the future is delivering new benefits, financial, environmental, and social. Tomorrow’s property will work hard to keep you safe and happy.


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