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Why Houses Fall Into Disrepair and What You Can Do About It

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As you spend your free time tending to the garden, fixing leaking taps, and touching up paint, it may be hard to imagine that someone could forgo these tasks and let their homes fall into disrepair. Fortunately, there are industry professionals like the home remodeling company, VL Builders and others in your area that can help renovate your property

However, it happens for a number of different reasons, and it may even happen to you.

If you’re curious about why houses fall into disrepair and what you can do about it, you can find all that information and more below.

Sell Your Derelict Home

If you’ve inherited a derelict home or your own property has fallen into a state of disrepair due to financial difficulties, you may think you’re trapped with no way out. You might even believe that no one would buy your home in such a state.

However, after reading a guide to selling a house, you may realize it’s possible if you venture down the correct selling route. Professional buyers can purchase derelict or damaged properties, restore them to their former glory, and on-sell them.

When you’re not in a position to undertake renovations and repairs yourself, this can be a sound option for you.

The Property Was Inherited

In many situations, people inherit the homes of loved ones who didn’t undertake maintenance and repairs to keep them at a liveable, healthy standard before they died. In this situation, you aren’t responsible for the home being in its current state, but you now must decide what you do about it.

Many people decide to sell such properties, while others restore them to their former glory themselves. Some people even choose to leave the property as-is for many months or even years while deciding what to do.

A Lack of Funds

Homeownership can cost a lot of money, with mortgage repayments just one of many annual costs. When unexpected ones arise, such as roof leaks or broken plumbing, there isn’t always enough money to fix them right away. Sometimes, the problem is left to get worse until the costs to fix it are out of control. At that point, the property may have fallen into a state of disrepair.

Restricted Mobility

As you get older, you generally aren’t as mobile as you used to be. You can’t always safely navigate a ladder, traverse a rooftop, lift heavy building materials, or perform other house maintenance-related tasks.

Due to a lack of mobility, some of those ‘easy fix’ tasks can fall by the wayside and quickly become problems outside of your control. You may also not have the funds to hire someone to take care of them for you.

This combination of issues can lead to a derelict home that quickly becomes hazardous to health. Selling it fast can sometimes be the only way to solve the problem.

No Support Network

Over a third of US homeowners are single, which means they’re often servicing their mortgage on their own and covering all house-related costs. While this might be manageable for the majority, circumstances can change.

Unexpected bills might eat into your savings, and you can find yourself unable to cover basic bills. Some people also don’t have friends or family to rely on to help them undertake repairs or manage the basics like gardening.

Sometimes, this can lead to a home becoming derelict. It might take several years to reach that point, but it can be hard to come back from when a significant sum of money is required to restore the property.

Natural Disasters and Catastrophic Events

Flooding, fires, and hurricanes can all cause massive amounts of property damage. While insurance can sometimes cover the costs, there are sometimes situations where that’s not the case or the homeowner doesn’t have insurance.

If that happens, homeowners have to come up with the funds to repair their properties themselves, which isn’t always possible. Fortunately, professional house buyers generally purchase properties affected by natural disasters and fires, meaning you do have options to avoid being the owner of a derelict home.


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