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Improve The Value Of Your Home This Year

Investing in your own property is an important thing to do during your time as a homeowner. The chances are as you go through life you will upgrade homes several times going from a small two up two down to a perfect family home.

As such, the cost of each home you buy will likely increase over time and you need to make sure you are in a position to afford it. Today we want to talk about some of the ways you can add some value to your home this year to help you increase your return and go towards your next purchase.

These simple ideas will add value by aesthetic and structure and can be a huge selling point for the home.

Invest in a new curb

The curb in front of your home is a place that will fire an impression of you even before someone has stepped foot inside your home. The curb will be the first thing people see when they visit your home for a viewing and as such, investing in a new concrete curb is a great way to add a little value as well as not put people off visiting. This is a small job but can make a huge difference to the first impression people have of you and your home.

Create a welcoming front door

It is so important when you are investing in the perfect family home to create a welcoming entranceway that lets people know your home is well kept and tidy. The front door of your home can say a lot about you, so replace that old scuffed PVC door and instead get yourself a stunning wooden frame and paint the door a beautiful color. Red, blue, and green are all popular choices for a front door and with well-placed hanging baskets beside the door, you can create a home that looks stunning from the street.

Add a walk-in wardrobe

One of the features many people will look for in a house is storage. A walk-in wardrobe in particular is a feature that not many houses have, and as a result, you can stand out from the crowd if you create one for your home. Got a spare room that is going to waste? Buy some shelving and hanging racks from IKEA and build a stunning wardrobe room that is ideal for anyone who loves fashion. You can also go one step further and have a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one of the walls so that people who purchase your home can use the room as a dressing room.

Open it up

Most older homes will not have an open plan living space, and if you are early on the property ladder it is likely that you have one of these homes. To ensure that you can maximize living space and get more interest in your home when selling, consider knocking down a couple of walls to create a more open plan living area for your family. This adds space and light to the house both of which are massive selling points on the market.

Install a cinema room

For those of you who have a little money to spend before you sell, why not transform a spare room of your home into a cinema room? All you will need is a comfy sofa or chairs, some soundproof panels, LED spotlights, and a projector. Creating a cinema room can be easier and cheaper than you think but the value it can add to your home when selling can be huge.


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