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Interior Room Design: How You Can Balance Luxury and Simplicity In Your Home

Whether you’re updating an outdated space or decorating a bedroom or family room in your new home, creating a luxurious yet simple space requires just a few high-quality pieces with minimal–yet beautiful–accents. With the chaos that fills modern life, today’s styles tend toward simplicity to create clutter-free environments that breed calm. Use the following steps as a guide for putting together your new favorite space.

Identify your style.

Do you prefer ultra-modern, art-deco, minimalist, cape-dutch, boho, or something else? For ideas and inspiration head to Pinterest, browse an interior design magazine, or lookout for styles you love while watching your favorite show.

Determine the needs of the space.

Is your space darker than you’d like and need extra lighting? Does your new apartment have an incredible view that would be best accentuated with slender and unobtrusive pieces? Are you in need of accessible storage for all of the toys your kids leave out? Do you often host lots of friends or family and need lots of seating? Would stain-resistant fabrics keep your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy wine on the couch? Your space should be both beautiful and functional; make a list of pieces you’ll need and criteria that each will need to meet.

Find an inspirational piece.

This can be art you’ve picked up on your travels, a sectional you’ve fallen in love with and simply have to have, or a color you can’t want to live without. This is your centerpiece; it should stand out yet be complemented by the pieces that surround it to avoid over-cluttering your space. If you’re like this couple in Palm Springs featured in The New York Times, this piece may be a full-size disco ball.

Working from largest to smallest, start choosing your new furniture.

Finding a new couch can be overwhelming but determining your style and your family’s needs from the space is half the battle. Consider the following questions and then head online or to your nearest furniture store:

How much seating do you need and how big is your space?

Couches come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a small space but often host lots of people, consider a sectional in addition to some more temporary seating such as poufs, floor cushions, or a coffee table with hidden seating. If you have a large space, consider a bigger couch–or even two couches set opposite one another–to adequately fill your living room.

What is your budget?

Your budget is a huge deciding factor in all of your choices when putting together your new space. Consider splurging on the item or two that will have the greatest impact and look to more budget-friendly pieces elsewhere. Your couch and rug, for example, may be good items to spend a little extra on as these are the items that bear the most wear and tear, and higher quality pieces will last longer and save money in the long run. There are brands to fit nearly every budget.

What style are you looking for?

There are quite literally thousands of options out there, having a general idea of what style you’re looking for will help you narrow down your options.

Fill in your space.

Now choose accent pillows and throw blankets to snuggle up with, hang photos of pets and art from your travels on the wall, and put out scented candles and reading lamps on your new end tables. Don’t overdo it–simple is elegant–but don’t be afraid to put out items that make your space more comfortable and inviting.

Enjoy your hard work.

Finally, it’s time to curl up on your couch with your book, a glass of well-deserved wine in hand, and enjoy your simple and luxurious space.


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