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What To Invest In? Follow The Money

You can rest assured that if you follow the money, you have made the right choice. Whether investing in stocks, investing in real estate or whether you invest in cannabis, if other people put their money in then you can too.

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Investing In Stock

Investing in stocks is a great way to invest your money and make a decent return on the financial assets that you invest. Investing in one stock or multiple stocks is possible, but it’s not recommended unless you’re willing to invest large sums of cash into each company. Investing in multiple companies does increase risk, however. You could lose all of your money if one company doesn’t work out for any unforeseen reason – but profit greatly if they all do at the same time.

Liquidity is also another factor when picking which companies to invest in. If you’re not trading small sums of cash (under $2,000), then you’ll want to invest in companies that have high liquidity where you can easily sell shares either back to the issuer or another investor. If liquidity is high, it’s more likely that you can sell your shares and invest in another company.

Investing In Property

Another type of investment you can invest in is a property, whether it be an apartment complex, house, or multiple houses. If you invest with other investors and decide to invest in a housing complex – make sure you conduct your research thoroughly before investing in any real estate company! This type of investment is more hands-on and requires more management than typical stocks and will require monthly reporting.

Another great way to invest in properties is buying individual homes that already have tenants living in them (also known as fixer-uppers) – this way you’re not required to manage the property for at least 6 months to a year depending on the state laws (lease term). In some states, if a tenant beyond their notice period which varies between 30-60 days, you have to invest time and money into the property for re-rent. Another great way to invest in properties is buying multiple homes and either selling them off as they get repaired or keeping them as an investment property if you’re not comfortable managing it yourself.

If you invest in a home that has a tenant inside of it, things can go wrong with your tenants which includes nonpayment of rent, breaking lease terms, and destroying your property. Not all states require the same legal aspects such as eviction laws so use extreme caution when investing in this type of real estate!

Investing in CBD

Invest in CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and other products – Whether you invest in the cannabis industry or prefer to invest in CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, it’s a smart move as more states legalize pot for both medicinal and recreational use. Investing in this multi-billion dollar industry is becoming quite popular – who wouldn’t want to invest in a drug that has medicinal purposes and is safer than alcohol and tobacco.

Investing in CBD oil can be very profitable if you invest in companies that aren’t shady. A lot of companies selling CBD (Cannabidiol) oil are making big claims without any proof behind them which means it’s not genuine CBD oil – always invest in CBD oil that has proof and test results available for viewing.

Word Of Advice

As always, invest what you can afford to lose and invest in reputable companies that have been around for several years and aren’t going anywhere soon. Not all of these investments will guarantee you huge returns but reading about them can guide you towards deciding on what type of investment is best suited for your lifestyle.


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