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Investing in Real Estate with No Money: The BRRRR Method Revolution

Real estate investment remains one of the best, most assured ways to make tons of cash in America. However, if you have no initial money to invest in, you’ll need a rock-solid investment plan to secure the loans you’ll need to start investing. If you’re in this boat, then you simply must know about the way you can invest in real estate with no money: The BRRRR Method:

Understanding the BRRRR Method

The BRRRR method can seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually one of the simplest ways to break into the real estate game and make a massive profit. To get started with the BRRRR method, you must have a clear-cut idea of what each letter means, and how to effectively pursue the BRRRR method of real estate investing. Here’s a breakdown of what each letter in BRRRR stands for:

B – Buy

Just as you would with any other real estate method, you need to buy up a property. If you’re looking to do so with no initial money, you’ll need to find a bank that can loan you the money, or another investor to help out with the endeavor. Thankfully, this guide covering the BRRRR strategy will ensure you’re ready to do so successfully.

Be sure to target a property that has a lot of potential, but needs a (reasonable) amount of refurbishing. These properties are cheap to buy up and work wonderfully for the BRRRR method that we’re using.

R – Renovate

Now that you’ve found the perfect property to invest in, you’ll need to get going on rehab and renovation tasks. Getting through this process ASAP is key to using the BRRRR method effectively. You want the property to look liveable, and function effectively, but you don’t want to spend tons of money rebuilding the property.

Ideally, you want to move on to the next step (renting out the property) as fast as possible. Doing so will allow you to ensure you’re building equity while you’re simultaneously building rent. If you can renovate as you rent, you’ll make even more money passively while looking for the amount you’ll make during a refinance (which we’ll cover soon).

R – Rent

Once your property is at all rentable, it’s time to put it on the market. The BRRRR method is meant to be done in a quick, rapid-fire fashion, after all. The sooner you get the property on the market, the faster you’ll be making passive income. You’re ultimately looking to flip or refinance the property (which we will cover soon), so you want to get as much money out of the property as you can.

When putting the property up for rent, be sure to advertise it as having a great price point. Doing so will help you attract qualified, reliable tenants to the property (and ones that will allow you to continue work on the property while they live there). This rental income will help you get that much closer to securing your dream home in 2023 (or later on).

R – Refinance

Refinancing is the most important aspect of the BRRRR method. You want to refinance the property so you can purchase your purchase-rehab loan, and gain a ton of money on top of your initial investment. The cash you bring in from this step, and the rent combined, can make you much more money than what you initially invested. For those who are doing this process with no initial money, this will be crucial during your pitch for trying to secure a purchase-rehab loan from a bank or independent investor. If you can nail this step over and over, you will be a BRRRR method pro. Speaking of which…

R – Repeat

The final (and arguably most distinct) aspect of the BRRRR method, when compared with other real estate investing methods, is how incredibly repeatable it is. If you chain investment, rent, and refinancing on multiple properties, you can make insane amounts of money in a short, reliable timeframe. This is how many Americans are expanding their horizons, and achieving their wildest financial goals, after all. Don’t let yourself fall behind your rivals just because you have no initial money to spend (as the BRRRR method can get you going, even if you’re a beginner investor).

Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands!

Using the BRRRR method will allow you to become financially independent and wealthy. Many Americans are using this method to find great properties, expand their portfolios, and gain the credit/income they need to buy their dream homes. If you’ve been looking for an investment lifeline in today’s tough economic climate, the BRRRR method of real estate investing is exactly what you’ve been searching for.


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