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Keeping Your Carpet Clean: The Top Carpet Maintenance Tips to Follow

You know how wonderful a freshly cleaned carpet looks.

Free from stains, no dirt patches or spots, and totally refreshing. Most of all, clean carpets make the rest of your home look cleaner and well-designed. Carpets make a great foundation to display your home decor items and decorative accents.

But after a week or two after tracking dirt and mud through the house the spots and wear and tear seem to creep back into the carpet. Especially if you’re a pet owner.

So would do you do to maintain that fresh clean-carpet look throughout your home? In this post, you’ll learn some four great tips to preserve your beautiful carpet and keep it well-maintained.

Without further delay, here are the tips.

The Best Carpet Maintenance Tips to Make Your Carpet Last

Follow these tricks and tips. They’ll make your carpet last longer.

1. Take Your Time to Clean It Right

If you can’t afford the expense of a professional carpet cleaning company, use a carpet shampooer with care. Rushing through carpet cleaning can leave soap residue on your floor that can lead to mold and mildew.

If you want to do it DIY, consider using a steam cleaner. While using a pro will do a much better job, a steam cleaner can get the job done and it’s not as harmful than dragging heavy machines on your carpet floor.

Once you rent a steam cleaner from a grocery or hardware store, take a few precautions.

  • Don’t wait until your carpet is filthy to clean it. This will make it difficult to pick up the dirt
  • Make sure and remove the furniture. Ask for some help for heavy items so you don’t pull out your back.
  • Pretreat stains and rooms with busy traffic. Mix a capful of detergent with water in a spray bottle and mist the dirty areas lightly. Let the detergent absorb into the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes before you start cleaning.

2. Clean Stains Immediately

If you get a food, pet, or chemical stain on your carpet, clean it right away. You can use a carpet cleaner, club soda or vinegar to do the job.

Make sure not to rub the stain, just dab and blot the affected area. Never scrub the carpet because it could damage the pile.

3. How to Use Your Vacuum for Carpet Maintenance

When it comes to carpet maintenance, the settings on your vacuum cleaner matter. If your setting is too high, it won’t pick up the dirt. But if it is too low, you can damage your carpet pile as well as the vacuum’s belt and roller brush.

For the best results, while the vacuum is off, set it on a high setting. Next, turn the vacuum on. Slowly lower the vacuum until you feel the vacuum slightly tug at your carpet. You’ll know your vacuum is set to the right height to clean.

4. Wear Indoor Shoes in the House or Go Barefoot

Another thing you can do to preserve your carpet is to walk barefoot. If it’s cold or you don’t want to stub a toe, get a pair of slippers to wear inside the house. You won’t track dirt from the outdoors on your carpet.

The Takeaway on the Best Carpet Maintenance

Now you know four carpet maintenance tips. They’ll keep your carpets or area rugs pristine, in better care, and save you money on cleaning.

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