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What to Know about Indoor Wicker Furniture

Buying furniture is a complex process since there are a lot of options available and the family’s comfort is a must. It’s for this reason why so many people are choosing the popular ones like wicker furniture.

Wicker is what the process is called, and it’s not a name of a specific material. A piece of indoor wicker furniture is not necessarily exclusive to certain natural materials. Instead, some of them were made from artificial products that are durable and pliable enough to be made into furniture pieces. The term refers to the grasses, plants, and vines that were used to weave the furniture.

Differences Between Outdoors and Indoors

Many of the manufacturers generally use synthetic resins and vinyl for those who are going to be used outside. The demands being placed on the chairs and tables have become tougher because they may constantly be exposed to rain or sun. They should be able to withstand moisture and the elements depending on the general climate of a place.

Natural and organic materials are the ones used indoors. They have elaborate designs, and they are not necessarily built to withstand the elements because they will be placed under a protected environment.

About the Process of Weaving

The wicker furniture is put together by combining both synthetic and organic materials. The best manufacturers end up with designs and looks that are appealing to many homeowners.

You may want to browse the internet for various weaves and styles. Find furniture with a more modern touch, especially if you are into contemporary homes. Some websites may offer you white finishes or a more natural-looking hue that can match the muted tones.

Materials Commonly Used in the Process

Lots of materials are usually used when it comes to weaving wicker furniture. Some may use bamboo, reed, willow, or rattan. Rattan is a pliable and thin stem of palm that is often used indoors. It’s also one of the more popular materials out there.

Rattan has many uses in wicker and other furniture-making companies that are usually used as frames around chairs. You can know more about rattan when you check this site.

Chairs and tables made from organic plants should never be used on your patio. This is because excessive sunlight and moisture may cause them to deteriorate. They will be rendered unusable and useless because the materials will dry out faster and their frays can become undone.

Unlike the organic materials present for indoor chairs and tables, the outdoor varieties usually have aluminum frames. The fibers are man-made or synthetic, and they are woven with care. The combination of synthetic vinyl and aluminum can result in the furniture becoming more durable and resistant to the sun’s moisture and ultraviolet rays.

How to Care for the Wicker Chairs

Even if you have gotten sturdy furniture, you should never forget to care for them whenever you can. Store them and ensure that they are safe from mildew and mold spores. You wouldn’t want them to be out during the rainy and winter seasons because they can easily deteriorate when they are exposed to water. In most instances, homeowners install umbrellas in the middle of the table to preserve the looks and protect the wicker from the elements.

From time to time, ensure that the couches and pillows are washed, do some touch-ups, keep them clean, and disinfect them. This will ensure that they will last for a long time.

Keeping your Rattan in Tiptop Shape

If you have gotten a rattan wicker chair for your outdoor décor, know that they require some level of maintenance. You need to keep them dust-free and clean, so they will serve you for many years to come. The construction that was done for rattan was quite complicated.

Since the materials are made from vines, many nooks and crannies can collect dirt and dust. These pieces of furniture should be vacuumed and brushed with a specialized brush for upholsteries every week. Damp cleaning for maintenance is recommended once a month. Any mud stains, food, and drink should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Disposable dusters or microfibers can be used to clean the entire surface of the chairs and tables. This way, you can prevent excessive build-up of soil and mud. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are often used to reach crevices and tight areas. Read more about the maintenance of upholsteries here:

Food stains or spills should be cleaned as possible. Avoid rubbing them as they may be pushed deeper into the fibers and removing them may be more difficult.

If some dull knives or spoons were involved in the spill, carefully lift them away from the rattan chairs. Use microfiber cloths that were damped with water to wipe the surfaces. Allow the furniture to air-dry. You can also add a bit of dishwashing liquid to the clothes for quick removal of the stains.


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