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Landscaping Tips: 10 Ways to Take the Yawn out of Your Lawn

Is your garden looking like it’s seen better days? The lawn hasn’t seen a mower in months and everything you ever planted died a long time ago.

Having a poor garden can make your house look dull and leave a bad first impression on people coming by. But when you have a good garden, it can make you much more proud to live there and people will envy it.

Landscaping your garden has some great benefits. Working in nature can help reduce stress and improve mental health. It will also make your house look much better and make you want to spend time there. If you’re looking to sell your house, a good garden is a great way to stage it too.

Looking for landscaping tips to help you get started? Read on for 10 ways to make your lawn the best it can be.

1. Learn About Your Lawn

Every lawn is different and depending on where you live and the climate, there’s a lot to learn about it. The amount of sun exposure and conditions of your yard will also create a micro-climate.

These factors mean you need to know all about your lawn and what it needs. Some helpful tips for looking after your lawn include regular watering and frequent fertilizing.

Take notice of the micro-climate in your lawn to help decide which plants you want to put there.

2. Plan for the Seasons

Another important factor to consider is the four seasons and how they will affect your lawn. Different plants sprout and thrive at different times of the year and they can make your lawn look great.

Spend some time researching which plants come alive throughout each season. If you can get your garden to have flowers and trees in full bloom no matter what season, it will look great.

It also gives you an ongoing project to work on and will help keep you motivated to care for your lawn.

3. Think About Who Will Use It

When landscaping your garden, you need to also think about who’s going to use it. Will you be hosting parties out there in the summer? Do you have kids or animals? Is it only there for show?

You can use your garden to cater to all these different situations. Add in a bar or seating area, make it a space that people want to be in. Also think about how often it will get used since that will affect how you maintain it. Will you need to hire a landscaper to take care of it in the long run?

Think about these factors when coming up with a plan and think about the long term budget of maintaining it.

4. Structure Your Plants

When it comes to picking out the plants for your garden, think about the structure of them. Think about how the plants will make your garden look depending on their placement.

Figure out how your plants will look grouped together, placed apart, or layered. One great tip is to put larger plants behind smaller plants to create a great layer effect.

Find patterns and structures that work and use them throughout your garden. They make the space look organized and inviting.

5. Start Off Small

When you first start landscaping your garden, you can get overexcited. You might end up running out to pick up every supply you need and you’re excited to get started.

But it’s a good idea to slow down and start small. Start with a small project like planting a few flowers or placing garden furniture. Don’t worry about getting everything done as soon as possible, enjoy the process.

If you rush yourself to get everything done fast, you will burn out and cut corners. But if you take your time, you get to enjoy and appreciate the process and do a better job.

6. Consider a Water Feature

If your garden has room for it, consider putting a water feature in it. Water features make the place look much more luxurious and inviting.

The most important part of getting a water feature is to make it look natural. Use stone to build around it and make it look like it belongs.

Water features also make the place more soothing and zen with the water sounds. They make for a great focal point too, which leads us into the next point…

7. Give it a Focal Point

Speaking of focal points, they’re an important part of having great landscape design. You should aim to have at least one focal point in your garden if you can.

There are so many things you can use as a focal point. You could go for a water feature, a sculpture or a great seating area. Or, you can use a tree or some shrubbery, the sky is the limit!

A focal point will draw the eye of anyone who visits and help them see the best details in the garden. It’s a great chance to get creative and use your imagination.

8. Pick a Theme

Giving your garden a specific theme is a great way to figure out what to include and how to structure it. It can be something small like a specific pattern or color scheme. Or you can go big and make it into your very own Japanese garden.

Look at your homes’ architectural style and think about how to make the garden match. Think about how natural vs styled you want the place to look. A theme will help you maintain your garden and make it suit your home much better.

When you have a theme in mind, it makes the place look more uniform and more inviting.

9. Add Lights

Lights are a great addition to any garden and you can use them to highlight the best features of it. You can use fairy lights to highlight higher structures like trees or a bar.

Lower lighting is great for highlighting your focal points too. Lights are also great for illuminating a stone or gravel walkway. They look fantastic at night and they can transform the whole look and feel of your garden.

They add to the attractiveness and stylishness of your home overall and they are easy to install too.

10. Accept Change

Another thing you need to bear in mind when landscaping your garden is that there will be changes. Your original plan might not happen as you wanted it to and you may make a few changes along the way.

Accept these changes and go with the flow. You might decide to give the place a radical change halfway through the project and that’s okay.

This could end up being a long project so patience and an open mind is key. By the end, you’ll have a garden you are proud of.

These Landscaping Tips Will Transform Your Garden

These landscaping tips are some great ways to start transforming your garden. It’s not too hard to give the place a makeover and before long you’ll help breathe new life into your garden.

Looking for more ways to improve your home? Check out our home improvement blog for more useful tips.


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