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Legacy Challenge Coins

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When moving or buying a house, we all reflect on the memories we have made at the property. We also do feel a sense of loss when moving on. Some owners leave notes in the attic so the new owners can remember who’s lived at the property. There are lots of stories where even time capsules have been left in the backyard. However, why don’t you start a legacy of Challenge Coins for your homes? Why not create your own exclusive club for the owners of your home?

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins were given to those serving within the military as a token of welcome to the troupes and battalions. They were used as medals of honour for serving soldiers within companies to show they had served with them. Occasionally they were given after big militia events that had happened, as a memory.

In more recent years, corporate companies have given them as gifts to their employees. This is as a reward for working hard and as a token of appreciation. These coins are no longer only a symbol of military service but are given as a symbol of thanks.

Groups and fans have also taken Challenge Coins to show different levels of allegiance to their passions. There are coins for fans of Star Wars, so these tokens have become more mainstream in recent times.

Why a coin?

In WW1, American soldiers would collect German coins, and used these within a drinking game. The game is said to be; if a soldier is asked to produce a coin and they don’t that they have to buy the beers. This developed to be troupe coins and over time this has dropped off as a custom.

However, coins are still seen as a symbol of importance. The President receives coins throughout their time in office. Citizens can also be given Presidential coins as a symbol of great service. Obama would give a coin to every soldier who guarded the steps of Air Force One.

Usually, coins are given in a secret handshake and are not publicized when given out. They are still highly collectible and can be sold for a lot of money.

Leaving and arriving gift

It is becoming a custom when moving out of a house to leave a card and welcome present to those moving in. In which hopes for their future memories and enjoyment in the house are to come to the new tenants. Some gifts are lavish baskets of food and essentials, however, some are more meaningful, such as a challenge coin in a display case. Challenge Coins Ltd creates beautiful challenge coins with different pictures, patterns, and engravings which could be given as a token for your old house. What a legacy to leave to your old home and its new inhabitants!

So why not be the starting block of legacies for your homes? Why not create a lasting memory for everyone who has lived in the same place as yourself? Wouldn’t that be exciting!


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