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List of Pennsylvania Electricity Providers: Rate and Charges

Are you planning to relocate to Pennsylvania? If so, you might be wondering how much the electricity in this state will cost. The first thing you must know about Pennsylvania’s electricity is that several electric companies are operating across the state.

Each of the companies has different rates and plans offered to the public. This means that you have several options when it comes to electricity providers in the area. Here is a list of the companies that are servicing Pennsylvania’s state with electricity and their respective rates and plans.

Eligo Energy

Eligo’s goal is to make their consumers happy and satisfied with the services they acquired from the company. The company designs energy solutions for residential and business needs to ensure their customers will receive the best service without hurting their pockets.

Eligo offers custom-made solutions for every consumer’s energy needs. This customized energy plan also has a personalized cost that will be based on your energy consumption. The company can afford to offer a low energy rate as they directly purchase their energy straight from the market.

By choosing Eligo, you can be assured to save up to 20% of your electric bill compared to other providers. You can get a free electricity quote on their website and finalize your enrollment after seeing how much you can save by using Eligo.

There is no fixed price in Eligo as the plans are customizable, and the cost you are going to pay on your monthly electricity bill will depend on how you created your plan. This factor makes Eligo unique amongst its competitors.

If you compare electric rates in PA, better include all providers’ plans to have a more broad option. Choosing the right plan and provider is the key to saving on your energy consumption. A customized plan would be best only to purchase the amount of electricity that you need.

Clearview Energy

Clearview energy offered 100% green energy in the state of Pennsylvania. If you wanted to use green energy to power your home, Clearview offers various plans with different rates. Compared to other competitors, the company’s rates are competitive.

The energy the consumer purchases from Clearview will be supplied by different utilities with different rates from different plans offered. PECO distributes the cheapest rate with a rate of $0.0509 per KWH under the Green Value Assurance Plus Plan.

Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities have been providing electricity to several states in the United States, including Pennsylvania, since 2008. The company offered its consumers five plan choices. The Online Lock-12 with a rate of 6.38 cents/kWh, PA Frontier Secure Power-12 with 5.79 cents/kWh, Online Premier-12 with 6.99 cents/kWh, Online lock-6 with a rate of 7.19/kwh, and Online Premier-6 with a rate of 7.79 cents/kWh.

Public Power

Started in 2008, Public Power gives its consumers an option for their energy provider. The company offers a 12 Months fixed plan with a rate of $0.070 per kWh. Public Power provides its service in eight states, including Pennsylvania.

Verde Energy

Verde Energy is a natural gas and green energy provider in Pennsylvania and six other states. The company focuses on providing green energy to the public with its Clean Power 24 with a $0.070 per kWh.


Constellation offers different plans for home and business across the state of Pennsylvania. They are offering eight plans that range from one month to 36 months. The cheapest they offer is the 12 Month Flat Tier Product with a $0.080 per kWh.

The most expensive plan is priced at $0.109 per KWH with their 12-month No Minimum Usage plan. The said plan is best for consumers with low energy usage and does not charge a minimum usage fee.

Spark Energy

Spark offers four electricity plans that you can choose from. The Spark Green Secure 12 plan is priced at 7.89 cents/kWh, the Spark Secure 12 at 7.69 cents/kWh, Spark Green Secure 24 at 7.79 cents/kWh and the Spark secure 24 at 7.59 cents/kWh.

Direct Energy

As one of the largest electricity providers in North America, Direct Energy already has millions of customers across the United States and Canada. The company is based in Houston, TX, and offers four energy plan choices.

The first plan is the Live Brighter 36, which is also the cheapest month Direct Energy plans offered at $0.109/kwh, followed by Live Brighter 24 at $0.110/kwh. The third plan they are offering is Live Brighter 12 at a rate of $0.111/kwh. Last but not least, the Twelve Hour Power 12 at a rate of $0.118/kwh.


YEP energy offers a 24 Month Fixed Rate Plan with a price of $0.077/kwh. The company is committed to providing sustainable energy to the public to help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.


Knowing all the providers and their services will help you choose the best plan that will fit our needs at a competitive rate. All of the mentioned electric companies have their advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on the consumer’s demand. For more concerns, do further research for each provider or reach out to their customer service representative.


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