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How Living Space Design Can Boost Your Well-being

When we talk about personal health, the conversation will draw towards food and drink. But for years now, scientists have been conducting studies into how our living spaces can affect our health and well-being. Sure, we may not be physically ingesting our home. It’s not going to fill us with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. But it is the place where we spend the majority of our time and can have a massive impact on our overall lifestyle. So, here are a few areas of home design that can significantly affect us. We’ll give you a few ideas on how you can implement this information into your current property to your benefit!

Natural Light

Have you ever wondered why the majority of office spaces get flooded with natural light? Well, our bodies rely on the right amount of natural light at the right time of day to configure our internal body clocks. The more natural light you have access to, the more reliable your body clock will be and the more likely you are to get your full eight hours sleep. This process means you’ll be much more productive by day and recuperate better at night. So don’t allow offices and other professional spaces to hog this knowledge. Implement the logic into your own home. If you’re building your property from scratch, now is a better time than ever. Collaborate with your bim consulting firm to ensure that your home design has large enough windows to allow light to come in at all angles, or consider a large skylight. If you already have a property, it can always undergo renovations such as the implementation of French doors or windows on stairs or corridors to eliminate darkness.

Color Scheme

Color can have a profound impact on our mood. All sorts of companies use this to their advantage in advertising. Have you ever wondered why so many fast food chains use a red and yellow color scheme? These are the two colors that are said to invoke hunger. Black is worn to funerals because it is associated with somber moods. The list of examples could go on forever. So when it comes to your home, what colors should you paint the walls? Well, color theorists suggest that light, neutral tones are best. So stick with cream, magnolia, or white for your interiors. You can always brighten things up with a splash of bolder colors in your accessories. Katie from agreed “color has a huge influence on how a room feels and setting the right mood for the room through color scheming can change the feel of your home.”

Open Space

Small spaces often have the effect of making people feel constrained or claustrophobic. We tend to be much more at ease in larger, more open areas. So, rather than having individual rooms for living, cooking, and dining, why not have a more open plan scheme for your home. This concept opens up space and allows more freedom of movement. This arrangement will make you feel more at home, removing sentiments of being cooped up and stifled, and encouraging relaxation rather than the buildup of tension!

Bearing just these three areas in mind when designing your home can improve your happiness, health, and well-being dramatically! So start incorporating them as soon as possible.


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