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Living in Virginia: Key Things to Know Before You Relocate

During the pandemic, the commonwealth of Virginia saw an influx of migrations, with more people moving in than moving out of the state over the course of the pandemic.

Although sometimes overlooked, Virginia is a great place to relocate to. The northern area of the state, especially areas like Alexandria, Virginia are close to D.C. and are excellent commuter towns for people who don’t want the hustle and bustle of living in D.C. proper.

Maybe you’re thinking of living in Virginia? Here are a few things you should know before you make that move.

Higher Education Options are Excellent

If you’ve got kids approaching college age, then the higher education options are a great draw for people looking at relocating to Virginia.

Virginia is known for having excellent colleges. Including the famous University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson. Should your children decide to study at a university in Virginia, then they’d be granted discounted access.

Some of the best areas of Virginia are situated around these university campuses.

Traffic is Bad

One downside to moving to Virginia is the traffic, especially the further north you go. Northern Virginia is situated well within the orbit of Washington D.C. and so traffic can be pretty bad there.

If you’re commuting into D.C. for work, expect to spend a fair few hours sitting in traffic as you make your way into the city.

Lots of History

While being on D.C.’s doorstep can mean traffic, it also means there’s plenty of history around. The commonwealth of Virginia is one the oldest and most history-saturated states in the entire country.

Situated in the state are the houses of some incredibly notable people from throughout US history, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, John Tyler, James Maddison, and James Monroe.

If you’re looking for places to live in Virginia that are steeped in history, then find the perfect home here.

Great Food

Virginia has a strong culinary tradition. The state is famous for its oysters, crabs, and ham. But the main thing Virginia is famous for is peanuts.

Virginia is a state of peanut lovers, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an eatery anywhere in the state that won’t have them on the menu somewhere. They truly are a treat that this state has mastered.

Living in Virginia is a Good Life

Yes, there may be traffic, and yes, the cost of living is slightly high, but in honesty, living in Virginia is a fantastic idea. You’ll have access to great food, a tonne of history, and great universities for your children. Not to mention some of the best, and most underrated, beaches in the country.

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