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How Long Does the Home Selling Process Actually Take?

The home selling process is often an incredibly stressful task. It involves several unpleasant chores, such as packing some of your belongings, showing open houses, and trying to close on a new home.

In light of these difficulties, homeowners selling their house often wonder, “How long does it take to sell a house?” After all, the sooner all this stressful activity can end, the better!

If you’re one of those frustrated homeowners trying to sell, don’t tear your hair out. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on how long selling a house may take. We’ll even give you some home selling advice to speed up the process!

The Home Selling Process Varies

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no universal home selling timeline. Several variables affect the speed at which you can sell your home. With recent pandemic shutdowns, some closings dragged on for at least two months.

However, as recently as 2020, homes spent an average of 25-30 days on the market. As a seller in 2021, you can tentatively expect your house to stay on the market for one to two months. We’ll examine a breakdown of the home selling timeline in the next section.

The Home Selling Timeline

Regardless of how long your home spends on the market, there are certain tasks you’ll have to perform before you can sell it. These steps take much more predictable amounts of time.

First, you have to reduce clutter in your home. You can rent a storage unit for items you don’t wish to part with. Or, you can start throwing unused items away.

Second, you’ll want to start making low-cost repairs. Fix the leaking sink, paint over scuffs in the paint job, and handle other small tasks like these. Next, you’ll want to increase your curb appeal. Spend time cutting your grass, adding fresh mulch, and toning up your landscape.

Once you’ve got the house looking good, find a realtor who can help you sell your home. To see what a reputable realtor firm can offer, check out this website:

Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

There are several things you can do to help sell your home faster. One helpful factor is to have a reasonable price for your house. An overpriced house is far more likely to sit on the market for extended periods.

Another factor is knowing when to put your house on the market. Usually, the best time to do so is in mid-May, just before summer. Parents often try to time their move for when kids are out on summer vacation.

However, your city may be a tourist town, like a skiing town or a coastal city. Those places tend to have more seasonal appeal, as their sales often occur during peak tourist travel.

Start Preparing to Sell Your Home

The home selling process takes time, but you can help prepare by handling tasks you can control. Start by handling small repairs and storing away items you don’t need. The sooner you do these things, the sooner your house can hit the market.

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