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What to Look for in a Condo Rental When Vacationing to Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island and Captiva might be small but they boast a powerful portfolio of attractions.

Here you’ll find 50 miles of unspoiled white-sand beaches and a wealth of watersports to enjoy. There are also 25 miles of bike paths, nature trails galore, quaint shops, and fine restaurants to keep you busy during a visit.

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d love to spend some time, start planning with this guide to finding the best accommodation. Condo rental is one of the most popular options when visiting this island paradise, here’s how to make the right choice.

Know Your Preferences

You have so many options when choosing condo rentals in Sanibel Island and Captiva, so be picky when deciding what you want.

Consider the following factors:

Location is key. Do you want to spend time in isolated reflection, or are you looking for accommodation in the heart of the action?

Consider which activities and amenities are dealbreakers for you and which ones you don’t mind traveling for.

Are you willing to spend more to get sea views and plush lodgings? Would you rather spend that cash on exploring your surroundings and taking part in off-site activities?

Do you prefer to cook your own meals, or is it important to have restaurants and cafe’s close at hand?

Research Your Condo Rental Options

You’ll find plenty of vacation rentals websites with information about what’s up for grabs, so take the time to investigate the best option for you.

Reading reviews is vital for getting real-life opinions about what’s on offer too. You’ll soon figure out which companies deliver on their online promises.

A little investigation goes a long way to prevent disappointment. Don’t stick with the same old travel operator or online booking engine that you’ve always used. Often you can discover a hidden gem deep in the heart of the internet that isn’t affiliated with these major operators.

Always call the accommodation provider if you have any questions. It will give you a good idea about the kind of hospitality you can expect and dispel any fears you have about online fraud.

Spend Wisely & Be Flexible

Planning well in advance is the most important ingredient for any successful vacation. More time means more options to choose from, a greater likelihood of early-bird specials and a choice of when to travel.

The high-season for Sanibel Island stretches from winter to early spring i.e. December to April. Planning your trip slightly outside of these time frames means you’ll still get good weather at cheaper prices.

Don’t book the first accommodation that catches your fancy, but don’t assume that cheaper is always best. Shop around and compare how much bang you get for your buck.

More expensive condo rentals may come with added cost-saving extras. For example, the free use of kayaks and bicycles or complimentary boat tours are sometimes included in the deal.

Explore More

Choosing an awesome condo rental on Sanibel Island is only one of the things to consider when planning your trip.

This popular destination has something for everyone. Make sure you include a chance to get active and appreciate nature during your travels too.

Keep reading our website for more interesting and sometimes amazing information for broadening your horizons and your mind.


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