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What Are You Looking For In Your Dream Home?

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The concept of a “dream home” is something that resonates with a lot of people. For One reason or another, there seems like an endless number of possibilities when it comes to pursuing an ideal living space.

A home can be many things, of course. It can be a financial asset that allows you to accrue equity or to home refinance. It can be a place to relax and unwind with your loved ones. It can be a workshop for a small business venture of yours.

Ultimately, people sometimes get into trouble with hunting for their dream home in a number of ways. First and foremost, it’s important to get a clear sense of just what you’re actually looking for in your dream home?

Here are a few reliable pillars of a “dream home” that everyone should keep in mind, regardless of their specific preferences.

The right feel and atmosphere

This, of course, is the “specific preferences” part of the equation — but it’s also more than that.

It’s possible to love a home “on paper,” because of the “checklist features” that it has, but to not love the feel and atmosphere of it.

Ultimately, a home could have a dozen bathrooms, a great garden, and a good location. But if it just doesn’t feel right to you, then you shouldn’t buy it — unless you’re planning to resell.

Our homes are an intimate part of our lives. Like all the other intimate parts of our lives — including our relationships with others — there’s more to the picture than “features.”

What ultimately has the biggest impact on making a dream home a “dream home” is that it resonates with you. It might be that you could remodel your home to improve its feel and atmosphere. But then again, maybe you couldn’t. “Feel” and “atmosphere” are always highly personal, nuanced, and difficult to unravel.

A home you can grow into

What separates a “dream home” from a “nice place to hang out” is largely a matter of timeframe and context. When it comes down to it, a dream home should be the kind of place you can grow into over time.

When shopping around for your dream home, then, consider things like its suitability as a future family home. Or the ease with which you could modify the place and build an extension.

Your dream home should suit your dreams, not just your current needs or preferences.

Somewhere that meets your practical needs in the here and now

Although a dream home needs to be “future-friendly,” it also has to meet your needs here and now.

Many people invest in “project homes” that they build up over time. But unless you’re happy living somewhere else for years while preparing your dream home, this may not be ideal.

When looking for your dream home, consider important factors like how it will cater to your current family situation. How well-positioned it is for your day job. And so on.

Ideally, you’ll be able to thrive in your home as soon as possible.


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