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Luxurious But Budget-Friendly Tips on Renovating Your Bedroom

Looking for a bedroom refresh? Renovating your bedroom can allow you to fall in love with your space all over again. If you find yourself dreaming of a Pinterest-worthy bedroom, but think it is not possible based on your budget, think again. There are several budget-friendly or DIY upgrades that can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bedroom.

Whether your bedroom is outdated or no longer functional for your needs or you simply want a new, luxurious update, these budget-friendly tips can make your bedroom feel more expensive without breaking the bank.

Flooring Upgrades

Outdated or stained carpeting or flooring causes many homeowners to fall out of love with their bedrooms. While carpeting in bedrooms was once all the rage, some newer styles opt for beautiful hardwood or look-alike hardwood that is made of vinyl. This type of flooring allows you to add a large area rug for comfort and a pop of color or pattern. Even better, hardwood or vinyl flooring with an area rug on top makes your room feel glamorous and luxurious — especially if the rug is made of a fuzzy, luxe fabric.

Upgrading your flooring doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Check out a local flooring outlet store to save at discount prices. When searching for rugs, many discount stores feature great prices on large area rugs too. Looking to upgrade to flooring that is unique and different? Check out this post for some unique flooring ideas for your home inspiration.

Bedding Size and Comfort

When renovating your bedroom, always measure and aim to visualize what size bedding the room can accommodate. If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger bed, check the dimensions of the new bed frame and mattress before purchasing. Looking for some extra help to find the best fit for your room? Check out this post to assist you with your mattress dimensions. A bed that is too large can overpower the room and make it feel cluttered, while a bed that is too small can look strange!

When it comes to loving your bedroom, comfort is always key. Going to a mattress store can help you get an idea of if you like a lush or firm mattress and allow you to try out different options, such as memory foam. Even better, some mattress stores offer delivery and mattress disposal services to make your bedroom renovation simple and easy. Upgrading your mattress to a higher-quality, more comfortable option can make it instantly more of a luxurious bedroom.

Furniture Hardware

If you’re not looking to change your bedroom furniture, consider some minor changes to the hardware of your existing bedroom set. Perhaps new furniture is not within your budget, but hardware is! One easy way to make your room look and feel more expensive or luxurious is to upgrade the hardware. A fresh look of knobs and drawer pulls can change the look of the furniture entirely. Glass or metal hardware options are available at most home improvement stores. Try giving your bedroom furniture a transformation with new gold, crystal or patterned hardware.

Rethink Window Treatments

If your bedroom has cold blinds without any curtains, consider changing up the window treatments for a new aesthetic. One simple trick to make your room seem more luxurious is to place ceiling-high curtains. To do this, raise the curtain rod’s height to one or two inches below the ceiling line. The floor-length drapes covering the window will make your bedroom appear larger and more expensive.

Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls seem to be all the rage for the upcoming year. Accent walls can be used in any room in your home, including the bedroom. An accent wall can change the game if you’re tired of boring, solid walls. You can choose from many materials to create an accent wall, including stick-on wallpaper or shiplap. Accent walls allow you to create a luxurious and sanctuary atmosphere for your bedroom upgrade.

The great news is that stick-on wallpaper is quite affordable, so this bedroom upgrade won’t break the bank.

Rethink Your Moldings

Moldings are often not the first thing people think of upgrading when they’re considering a bedroom renovation. However, the simple addition of crown modeling can add depth and dimension to your bedroom. Crown molding is the hallmark of luxurious bedrooms. To save money and stay within budget, crown molding may be a DIY project you can tackle yourself. Many options for self-adhesive molding are available at home improvement stores.

When it comes time for your next bedroom renovation, consider these six tips to make your room feel luxurious on a budget.


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