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How to Make Your Move Stress-Free

Did you know that moving house is reported to be the second most stressful event in your life? The first is the death of a family member. This means that moving homes is more stressful than divorce!

And yet, despite the stress, almost everyone ends up moving a few times in life. Luckily, as hard as it may be, a stress-free move is possible. By taking a little time for yourself, and following a few helpful tips, you can move homes without stressing out.

If you’re looking at a big move, read on to learn about our top tips to reduce stress as you go!

Plan Ahead!

When you move house, one of the biggest stressors is not having enough time. While you can’t avoid stress entirely, you can lower the amount of stress you feel. Allocate enough time to get the move done, so you don’t have to cram.

Plan for a few days to pack up a small apartment and up to a week for a home. With enough time, you can break everything into bite-size pieces and take on whatever you can handle for the day. The less frantic you are, the less stress you feel as you get the process done.

If you’re renting a truck for a day, try to have all your packing done before the truck gets there so you can streamline the moving day.

Rent a Storage Box!

If you’re not paying for any help at all, you’ll be almost doubling your stress during the moving process. Your car will almost certainly be able to take only small loads of stuff to your new home. You’ll have to drive back and forth repeatedly to move your stuff across town!

Renting a storage box is the best way how to move house. It allows you to have a large container for all your stuff, condensing moving day to one or two trips. These services will make the moving process much lower stress!

Rest and Reset

The more you prioritize your move, and the less you prioritize yourself, the more stress you feel. Take time to sleep and rest, so you aren’t overcome by stress.

Take time to recover both mentally and physically from the moving process. This will make you more efficient, and lower the amount of stress you feel.

After the moving process, and maybe during the move if you’re up to it, take yourself out for a de-stressor. You’ve earned a massage, or a nice evening out to dinner.

Ask for Help

If you’re overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Having an extra set of hands around can help speed the process up, and give you some company to minimize your stress.

Be sure to show gratitude after the move. Take your friend out to dinner, or treat them to something nice. And if they ask you for help down the line, return the favor!

Experience a Stress-Free Move Today!

Now that you’re armed with a few tips and tricks for reducing your stress when moving, your next move is sure to go well! With a bit of planning, organization, and time to yourself and you’ll experience a stress-free move.

If these moving tips were helpful for you, you’ll be sure to love our other posts. Check out our blog for more tips for homeowners!

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash


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