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Make Your Next Home Move Green and Sustainable

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When was the last time you measured your carbon footprint? Of course, there’s never a bad time to measure your carbon-based lifestyle and make tweaks to it, but moving home is the perfect time to make a fresh start.

Why not get off on the right footing by making your home move more green and sustainable? You can do this by choosing the best packing materials and removals service to support a greener lifestyle.

Get started early

If your home move is not efficient and well organized, it makes it less eco-friendly and sustainable; that’s because more trips are required to move your household items, and you might end up sending things to landfills instead of recycling.

Starting the moving process long before the removal team arrives gives you plenty of time to organize and declutter. It is important to keep the air clean as part of the process and to create a healthy environment. Then, with all the pieces in place, you will know exactly what needs to happen when helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eliminate food waste

Using up food items and liquids before a big home move might seem as though it has a limited environmental impact, but even these small things can make a difference. Using up the food in your home means helps capture carbon in various ways.

Additionally, food does not travel well; it can get damaged easily and increase the weight of the removal vehicle, which has a knock-on environmental impact. So, decide on a moving date and start your planning early to eliminate any excesses from your home.

Reduce cardboard use

Paper and cardboard have an adverse effect on the environment because of their manufacture it and their impact on carbon reduction. While some forests are grown sustainably to make cardboard, many aren’t, reducing the possibilities of carbon capture.

There’s good news, cardboard boxes aren’t the only way to transport your items during a home move, and it isn’t the best way either. Many removal companies provide plastic boxes that can be reused indefinitely, but you might have to contact them in advance.

Avoid plastic wrapping

Plastic is cheap to produce, but it’s not always recyclable, and it generates a lot of Co2 in the manufacturing process. Because of this, much of the world’s plastic ends up in landfill sites where it takes many years to decompose.

When you are organizing a home move, it’s natural to choose bubble wrap and plastic wrapping for your fragile items, but this is not eco-friendly or sustainable. Instead, use towels and cloths for wrapping and reduce your environmental impact.

Choose a green service

Finally, choose green moving services if you want to reduce your impact o the environment during your next home move. A green moving service will have a fleet of electric vehicles that keep the air clean and reduce the need for oil production and consumption.

A green moving service will also provide reusable boxes. If you contact them early, they can send them to you to begin your packing process and arrange a schedule that streamlines the process and reduces your overall carbon footprint.


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