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The Mechanical Driver: Finding The Best Drill For You

Have you ever wondered what the best way is to install screws, bolts and other fasteners onto your walls? Especially in the present day full of technologies, people would generally direct you to the abilities of the drill. They would be right to advertise this to you because this only results in a job well done in the least amount of time. However, much like the variety of people you meet globally, there is no one type of drill available for purchase.

With its use seen in construction, woodworking, and metalworking, there are so many types of drills made for specific purposes. Therefore, it would be best to know what a particular drill can offer you before visiting your favorite hardware. Not only is it to find the perfect drilling tool, but it also helps the user save money as these can be expensive.

So what are the different drills available on the market today?

Your Average Hand Drill (For Starters & Harders)

The hand drill is the most “all-purpose” of all the drills, and it is a staple that households should have in their homes. This tool helps in drilling holes onto wooden walls and other more porous but sturdy materials.

Nevertheless, there are some walls made of much more complex materials than wood and plastic. For example, concrete walls and blocks require more force for penetration, and there are four other drills available for you. First, the drill driver has a much bigger chuck than the average hand drill, mainly used for metal and woodwork. Second, explicitly made for stone, concrete, and even masonry, the hammer drill eases time and effort by using its capabilities and weight.

Much like the hammer drill, the rotary drill can drill out more complex materials with ease. One can say the same about the impact drill as it is specific to concrete and masonry. Comparing this tool to its standard, this works much faster than any hand drill available.

Air Drillers

Hand drills are not only limited to the average electrically-powered ones that many see today, as there are drills that rely on compressed air to carry out their purposes.

The pneumatic drill is proof of how far technology has come. Despite its design and parts similar to the average drill, the functions rely on air alone. By propelling air with the rotor blades, the motor can create power transmitted through the engine. As a bonus, the air drill is much faster and more flexible than the regular electricity-powered ones, a strong choice for drill users growing tired of using their electric drills.

The Screw “Drillers”

Most people think that there is no such thing as an electric screwdriver that won’t require the clockwise and counter-clockwise movement of the hand. Still, they are underestimating the initiative of people today. There are actual screwdrivers that may look like regular models, but they are actually built for convenience and easy use. Unfortunately, whether you need to install one or untighten one due to a mistake, the effort is almost none existent in this regard.

The “Man-Powered” Drill

Just because of the firm reliance on electricity-powered items does not mean that there aren’t any mechanical. For example, there is a market that sells simple drills that involve using the user’s strength.

One of these drills is the brace which is more commonly used for creating space for pipes to run through. Another one is called the push drill, which is the natural alternative to the electric hand drill. Much like the hand drill, it can drill through hardwood, plastic, and other materials. A bonus for the drill is that people may use the metal collar to lock in different drill bits. Manual drills are also heavily reliant on the arms and legs of the individual to spin the chuck, resulting in a drilled hole.

Those looking for a higher precision type of drilling of boards should be looking for the traditional drill. The simplest way to describe this tool is that it is much like a clamp by its looks. While seemingly limited in use, industries such as construction, mining, and the medical field prioritize this simple machine.

As you can see, there are many different drills available on the market in this world. Nevertheless, these are only a fraction of what is being sold today. Some ground augers are specific only for household usage while those need experienced workers, such as core drills used to penetrate any solid material. The market is vast in this regard, and all one needs to do is buy the drill that most fits their purposes.


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