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Mountain Ridge Luxury Log Homes and Custom Log Cabins and Cedar House Kits

In the past, the settlers who moved into the mountain found out that they needed shelter from the wild animals looking for food as well as protection from rain, snow, and other weather elements.

Wooden logs were created because they are able to withstand threats in rough terrains and there is a large abundance of cedar and other trees found in the country. Nowadays, you can find them on top of ridges, and others are already more than a century old. They represent the ingenuity of the previous civilizations as well as a charming place where people can live.

What Type of Logs are they Made Of?

Due to a lot of log types available, it’s quite difficult to know which one is right for your dream vacation home up into the mountains. With the help of sites like, you can get a view of the different options out there as well as the kits. Sturdy trees like the following may help you achieve the outcome that you want:

Cedar – One of the more popular trees used in construction, cedar is a very durable and attractive alternative that can help in regions where the weather is harsh. The logs are resistant to insects and moisture as long as there’s proper maintenance. Companies like Mountain Ridge can help you get the Red Cedar that can turn into a perfect abode.

Cypress – A more dependable choice out there is cypress because it can resist decay or chemical corrosion. These trees are very large and they are over 40 meters tall with limbs spreading up to 24 meters. One classic example of its usage is the doors of St. Peter’s that are over 1000 years old and homeowners may want to use it for flooring because of its unique design. See more about the cypress on this site here.

Yellow and Eastern White Pine – Versatility might sound great for you, and if you want a more affordable but superior species, then the white pine may be worthy of your consideration. It’s naturally dense and stiff, and it can hold fasteners like nails better than other hardwoods. Wood grains that consist of the yellow pine are harder and require minimal maintenance.

Why Build A Log House?

Those who are looking for peace and quiet may choose to build a cozy log cabin in the middle of the mountains with high-quality timber and lumber. They are great opportunities to be closer to nature, and you can use them as vacation houses when the metro is becoming too stressful. They are organic and natural and cost-effective too. Other factors why people choose them are the following:

Unique Cabins: Real estate markets are now saturated with stone or cemented homes that follow the same formats. Get an advantage by having a more distinct house that will help you live in a rustic but classy cabin.

It’s more tranquil especially if you constantly have a view of the mountains, birds, lakes, and greenery. Homes are going to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so this is your chance to explore other alternatives. Get more info about classy cabins at this link:

Beautiful Houses: Red cedar is very beautiful and you get to construct a home that’s attractive and timeless. Create a style that you want, or choose from a selection of kits available from Mountain Ridge. Lots of people prefer them because the wood has an elegance that can’t be rivaled by any other materials.

High-Quality Work: The best manufacturers will ensure that you’re going to get the high standards that you deserve. Custom touches are available, and their years of experience and craftsmanship will help you get a higher value than what you could get in traditional homes. Their special qualities are going to help you build more equity, in case you decide to sell in the future.

Examples Available of Luxurious Homes

Contrary to what many people believed; you can build a classic mountain lodge that’s more than four acres if you choose. Use it for entertaining or a casual family home, and they can handle chandeliers, fireplaces, and French doors if you like. Adding to the luxury are often gourmet kitchens, glass-enclosed dining areas, cocktail bars, and game rooms that are perfect for anyone who wants all the comforts of a traditional mansion.

Private estates and historic lodges may also be restored for a more modern experience. Scour the market for these options especially if you decide to have a festive wedding, and expect the interiors to be airy and bright. What’s best is that the nature outside may consist of orchards and docks, so it will be endless entertainment during the summer.

An Alpine chalet that’s made up entirely of wood may have more than four bathrooms and two bedrooms with top-of-the-line fixtures. You can adorn the inside with antique tiles and ski on the slopes of the mountains whenever you want. Who says that log homes should be boring?

Finding the Right Construction Company

Now that you’re convinced that the cedar log cabins are right for you, the tricky part is to find the best builders who can make your dream home into reality. Some of the tips that can help you out are the following:

  1. Choose trustworthy builders by reading their reviews on different websites, asking the bank, getting recommendations from friends and family, etc. It’s important to work with someone who is professional, licensed, and experienced with the cabins and check their portfolio for samples of their previous work.
  2. Write everything on paper and take notes if necessary. It’s best to be direct with them on whether they are going to do the sealing and sanding themselves or if you have to do it yourself. Be clear with the terms and the rates to prevent surprises down the road. See more about writing contracts in this post.
  3. After you’re on the page with the builder, you might want to see if they are experienced in building a cedar kit after the manufacturers have furnished the required materials for the project. Avoid shoddy workmanship and always ask three or four companies before agreeing to work with one.
  4. Also, don’t pay the contractors before they’re able to finish the job. They might leave halfway, and you’ll be left with headaches and disappointments.

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