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Moving out of Your Parents’ House: 10 Signs It’s Time to Move On

In every young adult’s life, there comes a time when they must leave the nest. We know free rent is tempting but having a social life (free from your parent’s watchful eye) is worth it–trust us.

Your parents are great, your meals and laundry are graciously take care of, and you’re living why leave? Oddly enough, you’re not the only person thinking this.

The percent of young adults living with their parents is the highest it’s been in 75 years. In 2016, a whopping 33% of 25-29 year-olds still lived with their parents.

Moving out of your parent’s house opens up an entirely new world for you that you can only experience for yourself.

So how do you know it’s time to move out? In this article, we’re covering 10 telltale signs you’ve got to go.

Start packing; we’re getting started!

10 Signs You Need to Start Moving out of Your Parent’s House

Of course, if you’re taking care of an elderly relative, or helping out around the house because your parent’s count, these signs don’t apply. Family first.

Thinking it’s time to move on but you’re a little nervous to make the move? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be alone. There are great options for house shares and roommate finders.

1. You’ve Still Got Posters of the Terminator in Your Bedroom

Or maybe it was the Spice Girls. Either way, you haven’t redecorated in decades. Getting your own space means you can style it however you want.

If your room is full of old knickknacks from your childhood and you’re still rocking the same flowered bedspread from Walmart circa 1998, it’s time to not only redecorate but pack up and leave.

2. You Have a Curfew

Your parents will always see you as their ‘little baby’, it’s common psychology. With that often comes curfews, questions, and a lack of privacy.

You growing up can be hard for them, especially if they still see you as the boy or girl who’s still living in their house and getting their laundry done.

Taking responsibility for yourself by paying your bills, folding your clothes, cooking and shopping for food, and moving out can change the way our parents see us.

3. Your Mom makes the Same 6 Dinners Every Week

You haven’t expanded your palate in a while. As good as mom’s meatloaf is, it’s time to explore different cuisines and stop depending on a home-cooked meal.

Hopefully, over the years, you’ve managed to get a few recipes under your belt. If not, ask your mom to help you cook a few staples before leaving the nest for good.

4. Your Parents Still Pay Your Bills

We know getting on a new phone plan can be expensive and difficult, but we hope you’re at least contributing to it, as well as groceries and living expenses, if not rent.

Dare we even ask who makes your doctor appointments?

Becoming an adult means taking on these responsibilities for yourself. That means doing your own laundry, cooking your own meals, and yes, doing your own laundry.

5. Your Friend’s and Younger Siblings Have Moved Out

We’re not saying “if your friend’s jumped off a bridge, would you?” but if all of your friends moved out of their parent’s place and so did your little brother….don’t you think you’re getting left behind?

Take a good look around at your social situation and consider if it’s time you should start living on your own.

6. You Have No Privacy

Does your mom constantly ask you where you’ve been, who you were with, or what time you’re coming home?

You may not pay rent in theory, but you sure pay it in eye rolls, heavy sighs, and the answering of a million and one questions.

The lack of privacy is a real threat to one’s social life when living with their parents.

You probably avoid taking significant others home, because, well…the first date is a little too early to be meeting the ‘rents’. You also don’t want to hear your parent’s asking “so hows that nice girl from last week? Have you seen her?” every time they meet a new ‘friend’.

7. Your the Butt of “Living at Home” Jokes

You’ve likely heard the saying “there’s a grain of truth in every joke”. If your family and friends are joking around about you still living at home, maybe it’s time to give it some thought.

Have your parents started dropping hints and clues about moving out? It’s likely they’re more ready than you are to hit the road. It’s worth having a serious conversation with your

If you’re pushing 30 or already have 30 candles on your birthday cake, it’s about time to move on.

8. You’ve Got Too Much (Outdated) Stuff

Over the years you’ve likely accumulated a lot of stuff. From soccer participating trophies to your high school cap and gown, you probably want to leave it all behind instead of cluttering your new space with it.

Here’s the thing: your parents won’t love that idea. Instead, rent a storage space and put all your memorabilia in one spot. Click here for more info on preparing yourself for the big move.

9. You’ve Got Conflicting Schedules

If you’re a night owl and your parents are early risers, this can cause a lot of friction in the house having to tiptoe around everyone’s schedule.

It’s also difficult to have a social life unless your parents are down for a house party every now and then.

10. You Have a Steady Job and Reliable Income

If you have a steady job with a reliable income this can only mean one thing: it’s time to move out.

You’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle figured out and you’re ready to live on your own. Now you just need to find somewhere to live…

Find the Perfect Place

Even before reading this, you probably knew you should start moving out of your parent’s house but now that you’re sure, it’s time to find the perfect place.

That’s where Sky Five Properties can help. If you’re ready to start looking in the Florida area, check out our condos today and give us a call.


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