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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Air Conditioner?

If you own an air conditioner, it will inevitably need repairs. Regular annual maintenance can only do so much to keep the repair costs minimal. While some AC issues require expensive repair services, some can be fixed on a shoestring. You’d have to hire professional repair services to fix the issue, so you can continue enjoying the cool air of your AC during the hot summer nights. Ensure that you ask for a quote before hiring them.

Here is your guide to understanding how AC repair pricing works and how much you would have to pay for your AC problems.

Average Air Conditioner Repair Cost

The repairs of standard AC issues could cost you about $100–$650. But this is just an average. Various factors determine how much the repair job is going to cost you. If the technician detects an issue with just one part of the AC, they’ll charge you for fixing just that part. It would be way less than repairing several parts of the AC or replacing a defunct component. These variables can significantly affect the average cost. Here are some things that can influence the cost of Air conditioning repair

  • Type of air conditioner: If you own a small AC unit with a straightforward mechanism, the repair job won’t cost you as much as complex and large AC systems. The technician would first inspect the AC unit to determine the work needed before suggesting the quote. 
  • Type of repair: Repairing specific components is inexpensive. However, if we are looking at issues with the compressor, the ductwork, and the refrigerant recapture, it could be a lot more expensive. It could also be a combination of several issues, leading to an even longer repair bill. 
  • Type of replacement: If the technician detects any defunct component that’s hampering the proper functioning of your AC, then they would have to replace the component. The replacement would cost you a lot more than repairs. Not to mention, replacing specific components is more expensive than others. 
  • Service provider: Not every repair service provider would charge you the same amount. You’d have to get quotes from different companies to learn which company is charging the most and which one the least and the rationale behind their pricing.

Based on the above mentioned factors, let’s look at the breakdown of the cost of repairing AC, considering the variables we just mentioned. 

Air Conditioner Repair Cost by Type of Unit

Here is how much repairing different AC units would cost you. 

  • Central AC – $100–$650
  • Ductless mini-split – $750–$900
  • Geothermal – $200–$700
  • HVAC – $300–$500
  • Window unit – $50–$150

Again, these are just some averages we have gathered based on the trends. The cost could get influenced depending on each system’s problem. Central AC commonly faced issues with drain clogs, refrigerant leaks, and thermostat replacement. Meanwhile, ductless mini splits have the usual problem with the circuit board. 

Air Conditioner Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Some issues would require more expensive repairs than others. Here is how much various repair types could cost you. 

  • Air filter change: $75–$200
  • Blower motor: $150–$200
  • Capacitor: $300–$400
  • Circuit board: $200–$250
  • Coil: $200–$475
  • Compressor: $600–$1,200
  • Condenser: $475–$600
  • Drain clog removal: $100–$150
  • Ductwork: $500–$1,200
  • Expansion valve: $250–$380
  • Fan motor: $550–$650
  • Freon leak recapture: $400–$1,500
  • Thermostats: $150–$500

You’d have to inspect your AC unit before knowing how much the repairs would cost. You’d have to pay more if the issues are severe, mainly due to neglect. You could get a fair quote from a reputed AC repair provider.

Other Cost Factors

Some additional factors could influence the cost of the AC repair service.

  • Accessibility: If your indoor or outdoor AC unit is located in a hardly accessible place, you’d have to pay more for the work the technician would be required to do to access it. 
  • Annual maintenance: Lack of regular annual maintenance could make the damage severe, warranting hefty repair costs. 
  • Size of the unit: Large AC units would require more work and, thus, more money. HVAC units can be expensive to repair. 
  • Labor costs: This mainly depends upon the company you are hiring for the job. Licensed and experienced HVAC technicians could charge you about $65–$150 per hour. There could also be a flat service fee of about $75–$200
  • Season: Repairing your AC unit in the summer is more expensive than repairing it in the off-season. In summer, the demand for AC technicians is inevitably high, so they raise their prices to meet the demand.
  • Warranty coverage: If your AC or any of the components of the AC are still under warranty coverage, you could save a lot of money on repairs. Ensure that you let the technician know about the coverage beforehand.

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