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All you need to know before buying new homes in Jacksonville

Among the major cities of Florida, Jacksonville is distinguished, which is a large population center. Currently, its economy is developing rapidly, which contributes to an increase in the well-being of local residents, and, accordingly, population growth. All this in turn influences the market of new homes in Jacksonville.

So why do US citizens are increasingly investing in local real estate?

Brief history of the city

More than six thousand years ago, on the territory of modern Jacksonville, there was the first settlement called Ossachit, where the Timucua Indians lived.

European peoples came to American lands only in the sixties of the sixteenth century. At this time, a French Huguenot named Jean Ribot landed on the coast of St. John’s, after which it appeared on the map.

Two years after the landing, Fort Caroline was established. This territory began to belong to the United States only in the first half of the nineteenth century. Then the city got its modern name, received in honor of the seventh president of the United States of America.

In the sixty-seventh year of the nineteenth century, Jacksonville managed to become a winter resort where the rich and famous rested. When WWII striked, naval bases were created in the city. After the end of the hostilities, Jacksonville was merged with surrounding communities, making it the largest city in the United States.

Top 3 reasons to buy new homes in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is very popular due to the beautiful Old Town, which has retained its appearance from the past, an interesting location on the coast of St. John, amazing waterfronts, and a large number of museums.

Beach resort

The beaches in Jacksonville are great for relaxing, both for a fun company and for family time. Despite the development of the city in the construction industry, the authorities have forbidden to affect the coastal area, so the beaches retain their original appearance.

The most popular recreation area is Jacksonville Beach, which surpasses all others in its size. It is always very busy here, but at the same time quite calm, which allows you to relax in comfort away from the bustle of the city. You can even go fishing in river waters without worrying that the surrounding noise will scare away the fish.

Among the tourists and vacationers who came to Jacksonville, the world-famous Friendship Fountain is very popular. It is located on the south coast of St. John’s. The opening of this amazing fountain took place in the sixty-fifth year of the twentieth century. There is no higher and larger analog in the whole world. Throughout the entire period of its existence, the attraction has been repeatedly modified, but despite this, it is still considered the hallmark of the resort village.

Charming weather

The sun shines almost 361 days a year. And in the distant 60s, there was not a single cloudy day for 768 days. There are only two seasons in Florida:

  • one when it rains;
  • the other when it doesn’t.

But, regardless of the season, it is never cold, even the rain is warm and pleasant. All year round you can wear shorts with a T-shirt and flip-flops, even when the weather is rainy.

Economical development

Due to the number of tourists, Jacksonville isn’t lagging behind other industrial cities in terms of development. Since many entrepreneurs make good money buying new homes in Jacksonville, the infrastructure side of the city is top-notch.

Here you can find everything your heart desires. From museums and beaches to huge shopping malls and business offices.

Making business here is as profitable and rewarding as relaxing on the sandy beaches.


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