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Oh, That’s Darling! 4 Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Good landscaping can add thousands of dollars of value to your home. Not only that, but it will add value to your home life as well.

Imagine this: summer is approaching and you’re planning the first big barbecue of the season. Everyone flocks to your backyard where they lounge in the lush grass, run around your deck, and enjoy their time in a backyard escape.

Doesn’t that sound great? You might be wondering how to make that dream a reality. If so, keep reading. We’re going over 4 backyard landscaping ideas to turn your yard into a picturesque wonderland for the whole family.

1. Water Features

You might think you need a mansion with a 10-acre plot of land to have water features in your backyard, but that’s far from the truth. Even small spaces can benefit from a small stream, waterfall, pond, fountain, or even a pool.

Water adds a brand new element to your yard by changing the look, sound, and movement of the entire area. A waterfall bubbling on a late spring night brings peace and serenity to your yard, while a small pool will bring joyous laughs and parties to your house all summer long.

2. Create a Garden

If you don’t mind giving yourself a bit more work into your lawn care, a garden can add color and life to your backyard.

Plant flowers of all different colors to create a beautiful and colorful space. You can also try your hand at herbs, vegetables, and fruits if you want to test your green thumb!

3. Fire Pit

Grab yourself a fire pit, some stones of your choosing, and outdoor furniture. You can turn part of your yard into an amazing lounge area complete with a fireplace that’s perfect for late summer nights roasting marshmallows and deep conversations.

Use the stones to create a designated firepit area. This serves to protect your yard from any stray sparks, but it also sections off the fire pit area, which makes it feel more like its own designated room.

4. Upgrade Your Fences

If you haven’t upgraded your fences in a while, spruce them up to add polish to your yard. Even just a paint job can make them look brand new and elevate the look of your entire backyard.

Want to go even bigger? Install some brick walls or white fences and grow ivy or vines along them. This adds a classic and almost collegiate vibe to your yard.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Add Style to Your Yard

These are just 4 of the hundreds of backyard landscaping options you have available to you.

But even these 4 little ideas can spark a huge variety of options for you. Water features could mean anything from a huge pool to a tiny waterfall. Gardens can range from a couple of hydrangea bushes to vegetable garden.

Looking into other home improvement projects you can do? We’ve got you covered. Check out this article on the top 10 home improvement ideas that add value to your home and your life.


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