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Outdoor Living Space: The Ultimate Entertainment Area

Out of the thousands of single family homes in the U.S., 270,000 of them have a patio, while 69,000 have no outdoor features.

Patios are not for everyone, but you can admit that they do bring an excellent finishing to a home. A patio can act as extra storage space for your items or bring you several other benefits.

Just as the backyard became the ultimate entertainment space beyond the dining room walls, the outdoor living space or patio has raised the bar.

The Patio is a Relaxing Area

There’s no better way to unwind a long day or week like relaxing on your patio. The fresh air will bring you more energy and make you feel detoxified. The open space is good for the mind and meditation.

Most homeowners have installed a roofing system in their patio to prevent extreme sun rays. A patio roof reduces the extensive heat from the sun. Find out more about outdoor roofing options that you can install.

A patio is also ideal for nap time. With a good roof, a comfortable sofa and a sofa shawl, the atmosphere will rock you to sleep. Away from all the indoor noise and activities, the patio is the ultimate getaway area.

Add Space to your Home

Whether your home is spacious or not, a patio is an extra space that’ll make your house appear more substantial. Keep in mind that you’ve not only upgraded the size of your home but also the area for use.

Taking your laptop to the patio and working from there is a good change of working environment. Hosting your book club on the patio brings more life and fun to the sessions.

The extra furniture crowding your home can be strategically placed on the patio as a way of decluttering. The patio will act as an extra room for your home. Even without the need to declutter, you can buy furniture for the patio and have it as an extension to the living room.

Add Beauty to your Home

It’s without a doubt that a well decorated or organized patio adds so much beauty and elegance to a home. You can decorate the patio just as you do the indoor area. Some outdoor patio ideas include:

  • Adding furniture like tables and sofas
  • Using material themes like wood, brass, gold, silver or glass on furniture and decor
  • Installing attractive flooring designs like brick floors
  • Using carpets, floor rugs and throw pillows
  • Install roofs or gazebos on the patio
  • Decorating with stylish antiques like beer barrels and furniture
  • Planting trees around; either on the ground or in large decorated pots and troughs

You may choose to use a similar design as your living area or take a 180-degree turn and do something more welcoming. Depending on the size of your patio, you may also decide to plant a garden or include a water fountain.

It Adds Value to your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home and you have a patio, know that the selling price just went up. As earlier mentioned, the patio adds more beauty and space to a home. This means that your home has more features than when you bought it.

Upgrading a house in whatever manner automatically increases its selling price. However, don’t go overboard spending on patio materials. Keep it simple and affordable.

For Entertainment Purposes

Ever held or attended a patio party? They’re lit! Also, they’re somewhat more sophisticated compared to indoor and backyard parties.

You can set up the patio and host a few guests for a party or outdoor hangout. Host a brunch session with friends, or a family’s day out without actually going out.

Nothing’s as good as finding a reason to take out your barbecue grill and show off your grilling skills. Whatever your purpose of entertainment, ensure to plan the best outdoor party ever.

However, take care of all pests (like mosquitoes and cockroaches) before inviting guests. You don’t want to be the guy with a pest infested party.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Patio is Easy

The best part of having a patio is that it’s low in maintenance. If you take precaution during its installation, you’ll have an easy time all through. Some of the precautions include the use of soil sterilizer and a mesh weed screen to keep weeds away from the patio.

As you use the patio to host guests or with your family, higher chances are that it’ll get stained. Whether there are food stains or unknown stains, if you spot one, attend to it immediately.

Since the patio is an open space, it can also receive stains blown from the roadside or the atmosphere. Depending on what stain it is and your type of stone, you can:

  • Remove the stains with bleach
  • Clean it up with some water, soap and scrub or sponge
  • Use a hammer and chisel to remove stuck stains
  • Sweep away dirt and debris before they build up and encourage moss growth
  • Use a hose to give the patio stones a thorough clean

Another primary precaution is sealing the patio surface. Many homeowners build their patios using patio slabs. These slabs are porous hence absorb water and air, thus encouraging the growth of algae and moss.

To prevent these, you can seal the slabs with a patio sealer or block paving sealer for block surfaces. With a sealer, the patio surface will keep away air and moisture, preventing aging and growth or weeds.

Other features to maintain are the patio roofing system to prevent water leaks and UV rays passing through the roof.

Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space

Don’t abandon your outdoor living space and have it look like no one recognizes its presence. If you’re looking to get creative with interior designing, take your patio on a test run. Decorate it with as much or as little as you want to make your outdoor space stand out.

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