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Overcoming the Bad Water Quality in Your City Water Supply for Your Home

It is not always possible to rely on bottled water. We have zero ideas about the quality and source of bottled water. So, the majority of people switch to tap water supply. In this case, the common question raises – how to overcome the bad water quality in your city water supply?

Thanks to the modern age that we have ways to save ourselves from the bad water supply. However, it is also important to know the types of drinking water contaminates. Let’s have a look at the chart below.

Physical contaminants Chemical contaminants Biological contaminants Radiological Contaminants
Organic material  suspended in lakes or rivers  from the soil erosion Man-made/ natural occurring.


The organism in water. Basically, chemical elements.
For example- pesticides, bleach, toxins, or drugs For example- Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria. For example- Plutonium, Uranium, or Cesium.


How to find out your water quality?

To find out the water quality at your home you must read the water quality report in your area. It is the report that includes the water analysis of every year that is provided by federal law. This report will tell you if the water at your home is contaminated or not.

Moreover, you will find here the source of the water, a summarized statement of the source water assessment, a list of the contaminants and their level, the health goal of the local Agency, educational instruction for people with weakened immune systems, and the safe drinking water hotline.

Choose the right filter

Are you worried about water contamination at home? Then you must pay attention to the type of filters and decide which one is right for you.

Now a day, you can find certified filters with various shapes and purposes. Often filters feature a device that alerts you when to change. As the device gets clogged, it requires being refreshed. It is important to note that the filter cartridge should always be certified; because it appears in most cases a non-certified one does not filter effectively.

There is a wide range of certified standard filters. For instance- the faucet mounts, reverse osmosis drinking water system, pour through pitchers or plumbed-in filters installing under the sink.

Always check the specific supplies and product code to find out if they are certified or not.

Tap water filtration system

When you receive the water quality report make sure to check the list. Different filters for bad city water aim to eradicate different types of contaminants, so you have to detect the type of contaminants your water supply has and buy a particular filter to get rid of that.

Before buying ask yourself these questions- Are you thinking about health risk or simply about tastes and odors? Which type of impurity do you want to eliminate?

Type of water filtration

In this day and age, there are filters with diverse designs and types. However, choosing it solely depends on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Let us have a look at the filters in general.

  • Faucet-mounted filters: Screwed directly to the faucet, this filter stays put. Such filters slow the water flow and sometimes hard to connect to all facets. On the brighter side, they require minimal installation. If you want to save money, this can be a perfect option for a house.
  • Pour-through filters: This is the type of filter that you can keep inside a pitcher or in a refrigerator. The plus points of this one are- easy to use, not pricy and the simplest filter available. But remember, you would need to re-install it as it has a shorter life. Also, it allows a meager amount of water to pass at a time. Nonetheless, it can be ideal for one family.
  • Plumbed-in filters: If you are looking for a filter that covers a large amount of water this one is simply best in the line. It is installed either directly to the water pipe, or under the sink. Plumbed in the existing skink faucet, it takes plenty of space. Also, you don’t have to modify the faucet to install it.
  • Countertop filters: If your priority is a filter that doesn’t easily clog, then this one stands out most. Unlike Pour-through or Faucet, this one clogs slower. As a result, you don’t have the hassle to change it frequently. Plus, you can install it without modifying the plumbing, use it with all types of faucets, and can clutter countertops.
  • Point of entry/ whole house filter: It aims to filter the water supply for the whole house. You need the professional installation of it that generates a direct connection with the main water supply for your house. It covers the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and all the other taps in your house. The plus points for this type of filters are- long lifetime, inexpensive, removes rust and sediments, and sometimes contaminants like chlorine.

Water filter technology

Water filters work in associated with different filters; some filters take hostage on more than one technology for a bigger purpose. Let’s have a look at some:

  • Adsorption: This is effective in removing some typical wearisome contaminants like chlorine or dissolved organic chemicals. Made with carbon or these filters appear in the pitcher or faucet-mounted system.
  • Mechanical filter: This work is the removal of large particles. Also, they function the filtering with multiple steps.
  • Softeners: To reduce hard metals, for example- lead, this works with ion exchange units. This process replaces the metal iron with sodium ions in water. However, the water turns a bit saltier.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: This method takes out the bacteria, pollutants, or sediments through a series of membranes. It purifies the water as well as work on the better taste of it.

Conclusion: While choosing a filter for your home always keep in mind its capacity, ability to remove specific sediments, installation, maintenance, and replacements fees. Go through some reviews of experts, can help you in this case, in this way you may find some honest information which the company will never tell. For best results, take the help of professional plumbers; because they excel in this particular expertise.


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