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Pest Control Tips for First-time Home Buyers in Malaysia

Pests are a natural problem for all homeowners, but they can be especially problematic for first-time homebuyers in Malaysia.

Not only is the stress of buying a new property in Malaysia is overwhelming enough as it is, but now you have to worry about how to deal with pests?

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on Pest Control Tips for First-time Home Buyers in Malaysia!

1. Get a pest inspection before you buy your home in Malaysia

First, you need to get a pest inspection before you buy your home in Malaysia. You want to make sure the property is free of any pests so you don’t have to worry about them after you’ve moved in!

Many first-time buyers will hire a professional pest control company for this. There are many reputable pest control companies in Malaysia, so you’re sure to find one near your home. If you aren’t sure who to contact, we recommend you to contact the technicians from Empire Pest Control Malaysia for a pest inspection service. This is because they can help you find all the pests in your home and give you a comprehensive pest control plan that will leave your house completely free of any unwanted guests.

If there are no problems, then great! But if there are one or more areas with an infestation problem, Empire Pest Control from Malaysia can provide thorough treatment to make sure they’re gone for good.

2. Use pesticides sparingly and only when necessary

You can also use pesticides sparingly, and only when necessary. Pesticides are toxic chemicals that can harm your pets or other wildlife in the long term. They’re also not great for people if exposed to them too often or over a period of time–especially if you have asthma or allergies.

If there’s an infestation issue with one particular area, then the best thing to do is to call a professional pest control company in Malaysia. But if you notice that your home is attracting insects, then there are some steps you can take to prevent them from coming inside in the first place.

– Keep all food sealed and stored away

– Avoid hanging up wet towels or clothes near windows

– Store garbage cans indoors; keep areas clean of any debris where pests can find shelter

– Seal up any cracks or openings in your home–especially ones near the perimeter of your house, so they can’t get inside.

– Cover window sills with screens to keep bugs from flying between rooms and into your living area. This will also help prevent dust mites that trigger allergies.

3. Keep pets inside to avoid attracting pests

It is a good idea to keep cats, dogs, and other pets inside the house in order to avoid attracting pests.

Pests are often attracted by animals’ fur or food smells that they leave behind when roaming around outdoors.

Another way to avoid attracting pests is to keep trash in airtight containers and place them on the ground, rather than scatter it across a lawn or over sidewalks.

4. Seal up any cracks or holes in the outside of your house

If you notice any cracks or holes in the outside of your house, you should seal them up with caulk.

Pests are often able to enter a home through tiny openings that they can squeeze themselves into such as an electrical outlet opening or any other hole near ground level.

This is because they have a hard time crawling up vertical surfaces.

Wrap up

As a first-time home buyer in Malaysia, you may not know the best way to prepare for pests.

If this is your situation and now that you’ve read through our blog post, comment below with what pest control tips are most helpful to new homeowners like yourself.


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