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Selecting a Pipeline Maintenance Company

Pipelines play a crucial role in our economy and down to our daily lives as well. They facilitate efficient transportation of oil, gas, and water which are very valuable resources.

As a vehicle owner, you probably visit the gas station regularly to get your tank filled, unless you are using an electric or solar-powered vehicle. Still, your vehicle will require an oil change from time to time.

Production and manufacturing industries that form the backbone of the economy also rely heavily on such products to be able to conduct their operations.

Thus the pipelines need to be taken care of and kept in good condition to allow smooth transportation. Here is where the maintenance companies come in. For more information, consider checking out – Pipeline Repair Services.

What is their role?

As the name suggests they are the ones that provide maintenance services to the existing pipeline infrastructure. They do so by offering several important services. These include:

  • Inspection

The companies are entrusted with overseeing inspections to ensure that everything is operating as it should and that there are no issues that can interfere with the flow of commodities being transported or pose a threat to the surrounding ecosystem.

Most companies not only perform maintenance tasks but also do the initial construction. They design and implement the whole system thus are familiar with it.

Therefore, they are well-suited to address any issues that may arise as a result of the inspection.

  • Monitoring & Repairs

At times there can be leakage caused by damage to the pipeline. This has to be repaired quickly to avoid further wastage or accidents.

For example, malicious people can try to steal valuable commodities such as oil by drilling a hole through the wall of the channel. This will not only end up destroying the ecosystem but can also result in deadly explosions killing those who are nearby.

Nowadays, modern technological advancements have enabled round-the-clock monitoring of the channels hence such issues can be easily noticed and quickly taken care of before they get out of hand.

  • Advice

Being experts in this line of work, they are well-placed to give advice on issues such as efficiency and safety.

For instance, it can be risky if the communities living in that area start encroaching on the land reserved for pipelines. The maintenance crew can help assess the risk and decide on a viable course of action.

What are the factors to be considered when choosing a maintenance company?

To ensure that you pick the right company there are several factors that you must take into consideration first. Here are some of them.

  • Qualification

Being such a high-risk venture you must hire a competent firm that can handle the job well. The personnel should be highly trained in both catering to the pipeline and ensuring the safety of the ecosystem.

Hiring an incompetent firm can cost you millions of dollars when they fail to address important features that keep the system running.  It is also important that you consider their level of experience.

Having skills taught in schools alone is not enough. To be able to do the job well one requires both conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills that can only be acquired through years of practice. Go for those who have been operational for a long time and have a good reputation.

  • Services being provided

There are specific types of services that are required depending on the nature of the goods being transported and the platform. Thus it is proper to ensure that they are in line with your needs.

If you are planning to transport through the sea then make sure that they provide underwater services. In general, a good company should be able to perform activities such as inspections, designs, installations, rehabilitations, tests, and servicing of various parts.

Monitoring forms a large part of the maintenance job. If you have an effective monitoring system in place then you can promptly identify and handle real-time issues as they arise.

The companies use gadgets fitted with sensors and other smart features that are able to detect even the slightest interruption in the normal flow and send the relevant data to the control room.

The control room should be manned at all times and there should also be a patrol crew that is on the ground. In addition, CCTV cameras make the work easier since they capture videos of those trying to interfere with the pipelines.

  • Insurance

All the employees must have full insurance cover to protect them against accidents and other dangerous eventualities at the workplace.

If, for instance, they are working on a liquid gas pipeline and it explodes in the process injuring them then you won’t be held responsible for compensating them if they have insurance cover.

Also, they should be wearing the appropriate personal protective gear at all times while working. This includes coveralls, eyewear, gloves, safety boots, and helmets.

  • Materials used

Make sure that the materials they use are eco-friendly and also won’t interfere with the commodity being transported.

They should also be durable and able to withstand the environment that they are subjected to.

Otherwise, you will be frequently paying for repairs that could have been easily avoided. Avoid cheap materials that are of low quality.

  • Price

This varies from one company to another depending on the services they provide. Using the same company to construct and maintain the pipeline is cheaper than using different ones.


Pipelines provide an efficient and cheap means of transporting commodities such as gas, oil, and water. It can also be volatile hence the need for an experienced maintenance crew that can keep it running in good condition. Oil spills in water bodies caused by underwater pipelines pollute the marine ecosystem and should be prevented at all costs. With effective maintenance this can be achieved. Therefore, you should take time to analyze the company and determine if it will be up to the task. Do thorough research before you settle for a specific company.


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