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Prefab is Very Fab: Pros And Cons of Modular Homes

Prefab homes have come a long way since the old trailer park dwellings of yesteryears. Modular homes are the way of the future it seems. No longer are these small homes just an economic option.

Modular housing is a creative option being opted for by even top-tier individuals who are seeking a more minimal life with less stress. However, there are some luxuries you give up when making the switch to this new way of living.

Let’s take a look at what doors open up when you downsize your life, the pros and cons of modular homes and what challenges you may face when minimally dwelling, and what you can do to overcome some of these factors!

What is Modular?

Today, modular homes come in shapes and sizes that are as limitless as the imagination. However, they need to conform to a set standard to be considered modular.

Though specifics of the codes vary state to state, the concept of the modular or prefab home is that it is designed and built off-site and brought onto the property and easily put together.

This process is often done with CAD software and, with today’s tech, often utilizes innovating building styles like 3D printing. Modular homes are often small, as they must be shipped and assembled easily.

Unlike tiny homes that must reside on a mobile trailer platform, modular homes are fixed to the property they reside on. This also makes them great for resale! in fact, you can finance a modular home on a property through a bank as you would a home.

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Modular homes are often quite smaller than a traditional home. While this may have some drawbacks we will discuss later on, the benefits are astounding.

You see, because of the nature in which these homes are built, new and innovative ideas have been discovered to better design the living spaces.

Storage is often found hidden within all aspects of the home. Combination items that transform are key to modern modular constructions. Teamwork makes the dream work, as creative minds work alongside structural engineers to craft beautiful living apparatuses for every type of person.

Today, traditional, Victorian, modern, and artistic styles have been chosen or combined to make the most out of these relatively small spaces. Recycling old materials and incorporating them, (up to code of course) into these homes have changed the way we view a home.

The truly beautiful thing about these homes is that nearly anyone can make their own, or have a tailored, designer living space. How do you ask? Well the concept itself is a platform for savings.

Modular for the Budget

These homes are crafted using some of the highest quality and most desired materials. That’s something most people only dream of doing with a house. But it’s much more attainable than you might think.

Because prefab homes are relatively small, your budget opens up to possibilities never thought imaginable with the construction of a full-size stick-built home.

Modern steel beams, live edge shelving, and uniquely distinct lighting structures can make up the main part of the house. When you live small, you can dream big!

Another savings benefit one receives with these homes is found in their bill. Heating and cooling a smaller home is much more energy-efficient, and it’s easier to afford great insulation.

This also opens the door to easily powering your life with solar, and can make choosing green and eco-friendly tips and options easy!

Surround Yourself With What Matters

A small home needs to be a space you actually enjoy being in. It must align with your style and personality. But what makes modular such a great experience is what is left out.

You find yourself living amongst only your necessities. Cleanliness takes on a whole new meaning, and you crave outings much more.

Conveniently, these homes can be placed in many locations others cannot. Bring on new environments and retreat into the natural nooks of the world. You’ll be glad you did, as you will find peace and happiness being outdoors often more than indoors!

Space Challenge

Modular homes offer a lot, but there are challenges. Space is not what these homes have a lot of. You may find yourself needing to downsize far more than you would like.

There are ways around this challenge though! Storage sheds and carports are easy installments that let you keep your goods safe and accessible from your property.

But don’t be fooled, there are modular homes that do take the size of a full-size stick built. These can incorporate garages and multiple stories. Though shipping these kinds of homes can be quite expensive.

Location is Everything

When you’ve lived your fair share of city life and the mountains call, moving your modular home is quite simple.

Once you find and purchase a new plot of land, your task is to hire a truck and trailer that can fit your home. Eiter as a solid unit, or in pieces. Many modular homes are meant to be easily disassembled and reassembled.

This can be a couple of days of work, but it’s all quite simple. Once you remove and store all the furniture and accessories, fasten down any breakable items. You can then hire someone to come disconnect utilities from your home.

What’s left is the disassembly and loading of your prefab onto the truck. Repeat these steps on your new site and your life has changed. Sell your city property and profit!

Not for Everyone, Possible for Anyone

More and more folks are finding hope in living the life of their dreams in a modular home.

No matter what the pros and cons of modular homes are, one thing has been proven certain: Modulars offers a beautiful and refreshing place to raise a family, enjoy lands you never dreamed of living in, and can be a great start in the housing market.

There are many beautiful properties out there. Check out our list of homes available in a location near you, and compare the idea of a modular home against the home of your dreams, your decision may surprise you!


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