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Should You Purchase a Condo, a Townhouse, or a House?

You have been saving for years to purchase a space of your own. Whether you are single or not, there are many options to consider when purchasing a property. How much space do you need to survive and thrive? Does your home double as your workplace?

As you determine what type of home you are going to purchase, there are many small preferences that you must identify. Condos, townhomes, and houses all have an extensive list of pros and cons. No matter what type of property you buy, you must get pre-approved by a mortgage broker. In this article, we will talk about the things to consider when determining what type of property you want to purchase.


Nowadays, purchasing a condo is a common decision made by millennials and retired couples. The benefit of purchasing a condo is that they typically are much more affordable. With a condo, you can be located closer to a city center without the expenses of a standard household. In addition, you do not have to keep up with outdoor maintenance.

There is a large social opportunity that comes with owning a condo. You have the opportunity to meet the other residents in the building. This proximity allows residents to build a community.

On the flip side, most condos are significantly smaller than townhomes and houses. If you have children or are working remotely, you may want to find a property that offers more square footage. Condos can feel cramped if you try to fit too many people into space.

Lastly, the onsite amenities offered by most condominium buildings is a huge benefit. These amenities can be enjoyed by all guests. From pools to fitness centers, maintenance crews to cleaning services, many people enjoy having access to these onsite services.


Purchasing a townhome is a great option for couples and small families. If you are working remotely, townhouses allow a little extra space for working and living. Many townhouses have an allocated outdoor area in the form of a porch or small yard. Similar to condos, townhouses are much less expensive than the standard home. If you enjoy designing exterior walls and lawns, you have more control over the look of your townhome than you do a condo.

There are a few cons of purchasing a townhome. Typically, townhouses are part of communities that charge HOA fees. Although some neighborhoods have affordable HOA’s, others charge relatively expensive fees. Along with the fees, many HOA’s have strict guidelines about the exterior appearance of the houses. They may enforce color codes, regulations, and suggestions that restrict the amount of character you can add to your space.


A house is typically larger than the standard townhouse or condo. Houses can usually be customized internally and externally to match your style. With more lawn and outdoor space, you can deck out your patio with furniture from sites like Style Nations.

People typically purchase houses because they desire more space and want to live in a particular neighborhood. A house purchase is typically a long-term decision; people plan to stay in houses longer than they do townhomes, apartments, or condos.

Homes in popular neighborhoods are an investment. If you purchase a house in a growing area, you can likely make a profit when you sell your home in the future. By hiring the right real estate agent, you can ensure that the home buying process is flawless. Real estate agents help you find the best property based on school zones, interests, safety, and preferences.

Unfortunately, houses are a lot of work. Many people are stunned by the number of unexpected expenses they incur after they purchase a home.


No matter what type of property you decide to buy, homeownership is an exciting accomplishment. Whether you want to own a chic condo in the city or a spacious home in the suburbs, there are different options that work best for different families. When you purchase property in a thriving area, you can make a profit on your home in the future.


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