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Purchasing Multiple Properties? Why Equity Release Can Help Free Up Cash in Brick-and-Mortar Estates

The saying that ‘cash is king’ reigns supreme because it is true. Regardless of the assets you own, you will have financial trouble if they are not generating cash. As it pertains to real estate, owning a property is great, but there are times when you need cash.

If you have or want to purchase multiple properties, you may have to search for ways to free up cash in brick and mortar estates.

Equity releases are one way to get a lump sum payment that you can use to purchase or put deposits on multiple properties.

What Is Equity Release?

Equity is the total value of your home minus the mortgage amount you are yet to pay. Simply stated, it is the sum you would get if you sold your property for cash.

An equity release is a way to access the equity of your property without selling your home. You can get an equity release if you have paid off most or all of your mortgage. Therefore, an equity release can allow you to access a significant amount of cash while still living on your property.

An equity release provider or lender will give you a lump sum or regular payments in exchange for your home’s equity. According to, many older people and families have a lot of equity in their homes due to rising house prices which they can use to fund their retirement or purchase other properties.

There are two main types of equity releases, lifetime mortgages, and home reversions. A lifetime mortgage involves borrowing against your home’s equity, the amount of which will be recovered from the sale of your home when you leave for a senior residence or die.

A home reversion is where you sell all or part of your property with the option to live in it until you need long-term care or die.

Benefits of Equity Release

There are many benefits of equity releases, including:

Releasing Cash

The most significant advantage of an equity release is that it makes cash available to you now, which you can spend for various purposes instead of leaving the value in the property.

As house prices rise, the value of the equity you can release from the property also rises, meaning that you can have more cash depending on the real estate market to spend on more profitable investments.

Equity releases are a great reason to invest in brick and mortar properties since an increase in price means you can get more cash whenever you need it.


If you were to sell your house in the real estate market directly, you would be required to pay a lot in taxes. However, you get a tax-free lump sum that you can use as you please with an equity release.

The tax-free lump sum is particularly accessible if you own a second home or buy-to-let property. Taxes are a considerable expense that many go to great lengths to avoid, from which an equity release will spare you.

Buying Property

If you want to purchase a second property, an equity release is the best tool to help you accomplish that goal.

Moreover, you can take out an equity release to invest in multiple buy to let properties. You should note that there will be requirements to meet to qualify for an equity release to buy second or more properties that depend on the lender.

Flexible Repayment

Another benefit of equity releases is that they often have flexible repayment schemes. You may not even have to make any monthly payments at all. If the proceeds from the property sale cover the value of the loan and accrued interest, you will not have any more interest payments to make.

Equity releases are a great option to free up cash from real estate. You can use the sum you receive to purchase a second property or other purposes. It would be best to consult an equity release lender to learn more about the subject


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