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Quick Garden Discuss the Advantages Of Having A Garden Room

The newest home improvement trend across the world is garden rooms. Garden rooms are guaranteed to positively impact your life, and the advantages of these spaces can literally change your life! Read on for a detailed guide on the many benefits of garden rooms.

As more and more homeowners across the world continue to add garden rooms to their homes, garden living is quickly turning into a popular trend in the field of household design. To make them suitable for all sorts of properties, garden rooms can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts. The spaces can be advantageous to you and your loved ones in a variety of ways. Read on below, Quick Garden shares some of the main advantages of garden rooms, if you are yet to decide whether you should get one on your property.

Additional Living Space

One of the most obvious advantages of garden rooms comes in the form of additional space for living and recreational purposes. When it comes to making enough space for everything in their homes, today’s homeowners are greatly limited. Over the years, one of the popular ways of increasing the amount of space in a home has been through the use of home extensions. However, in recent times, garden rooms have dethroned home extension as the most popular option. These days, they are the most popular home improvement projects.

For owners looking to create their own personal retreat, garden rooms are quite helpful. When it comes to creating an additional room for your property, home extensions are a complex solution. Building them is also a time-consuming endeavor. Unless you decide to put up an annex meant for living purposes, our garden room products do not require any planning permission. However, since they are meant for full-time living, our annex buildings require planning permission. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with all that with our team of seasoned experts at hand.

Versatility is one of the main selling points of garden rooms. Designed with all the amenities of any other room in your house, they can be used for any purpose. Simply put, a garden room is your best option, whether you need to relax after a hard day at work or want a green space where you can nurture your gardening hobby. Check out this website, if you want to know more.

Cost Saving Solution

Any homeowner will constantly be left anxious when they start worrying about their elderly loved ones. One of the best ways of keeping your senior loved ones nearby is through a garden annex. With a garden annex, you don’t have to conduct all the time-consuming work of a home extension or renovation, making these structures a turnkey solution for living all year round. And, as the cost of senior care living facilities sky-rockets, garden rooms are becoming a simple and affordable alternative. As it stands, thousands of aging adults do not want to go to care home facilities or simply cannot meet the cost involved.

Last year, the average cost of living in a care home was around 44,512 pounds. A garden annex costs the same. You can have a permanent living space installed right in your backyard with our garden annex structures. All the necessary amenities that will make your life comfortable are included in a garden annex. What’s more, it won’t cost more than you would pay for a yearly stay in a care home, even with all the amenities included. We build garden annexes that will last for years. You can have your elderly loved one living right next to you, at an affordable price, with a garden annex. Your loved ones are bound to find their lives more satisfying and simpler with this addition.

Installation Is Simple And Swift

Installing a home extension not only requires more work but also takes a lot of time. The construction work can take a number of months, in addition to the need for planning permission. The lengthy construction process can leave you feeling uneasy and frustrated in your own home. However, you can avoid all this by choosing to invest in a garden annex. In fact, the entire installation process can be completed within a week. However, depending on the size of the garden structure, the project can take around 4 to 5 weeks. In comparison to any home extension process, constructing a garden annex takes less time. Furthermore, your loved ones will get a completely new living space. Our site surveyors will make easy work of the installation process.

Endless Design Options

You can allow your creative side to run wild thanks to our endless design options, and personalize your new space to your own unique preferences. From under-floor heating and more, you can include a variety of add-ons to the design. You are free to do what you want, when it comes to decorating the building. Just like you would any wall in your home, you can paint or use wallpaper on the garden annex walls as well. Choose all your design elements to make the space as homey and inviting as you want.

Great For All Property Types

Some homeowners are not sure if the design of their home or property will go well with a garden room. This is especially the case with those owning older properties. Some homeowners are also concerned about the match between traditional and modern designs. To suit every type of property, our garden buildings are versatile and come in different exterior designs. You can still choose to install a garden room on your property, even if you do not have a large garden area. To find the perfect fit for your property, consult our site surveyors.

Added Privacy

When looking for a space to practice your hobbies, privacy is essential. You can remain connected to your home while being in a separate space if you have a garden room. Garden rooms provide added privacy. In comparison to a home extension project, our outdoor garden building will take you out of your house and into private space; something that cannot be said of a home extension.

With a garden room, you can avoid disturbing other people in your home, if you choose to watch a loud movie or listen to some tunes with some friends. For the perfect privacy solution, choose our garden rooms. Our products come with natural sound-deadening insulation materials that keep sound from escaping the space, even though it is not fully soundproof.

Poultry netting can be a valuable addition to garden rooms, especially when providing added privacy. By installing this around the garden room, you can create a secure and secluded space for relaxing activities. This netting acts as a barrier that keeps unwanted visitors out while allowing natural light and airflow to permeate the area. With poultry netting, you can enjoy the benefits of a private garden room without compromising the beauty and openness of your outdoor space.


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