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A Quick Guide to Staging a House Before You Sell

Staging a house is something that helps buyers really be able to imagine themselves living in it. So if you want to sell your home faster, then staging can be a clever way to do just that. You get to present the home in its ‘best light,’ so to speak, making sure that it looks spic and span, and allows the buyer to see their things in the home.

If you are selling in a competitive market, then it could be the thing that helps your home to stand out from the crowd. Plus, it is something that more and more people are used to seeing, because of show homes and so on; they want to see homes in this way.

If you’re wondering what staging a home really means, then it is the process of being quite strategic about arranging furniture and your decor to make the home look its best while selling. It could be that you pack away a lot of your items and belongings to show a cluttered environment, or could simply involve repainting in rooms to give it a fresh and light feel.

Staging your home, alongside having a good realtor like Doug Hopkins that will really sell the home for you, has been shown to make a difference to how fast the home sells, especially if you are having trouble selling your home. So here are some tips and tricks to staging your home for selling.

Get Rid of Clutter

As briefly mentioned above, clutter is a no-no when it comes to selling your home. When a potential buyer looks round and all that they can see is mess and things on every possible surface, it just shows to them that there could be a lack of storage, as well as it just generally looking messy. So look at what could be packed away, or thrown away. If you have things on top of the refrigerator or on top of kitchen cabinets, then clear them away; it all helps.

Depersonalize the Home

It is a good idea to have the home look like people live there, rather than a cold and sterile environment. But it is also a good idea to make sure that the home doesn’t look too personal to you and your family. Little trinkets and things could look nice on display, but things like photographs are best packed away. The reason being is that it helps them to imagine what they’d put there on the wall, or imagine their photos there. If your child’s artwork is on display then it can be hard for them to imagine themselves living there when all they see is your family.

Rethink Furniture

You might have got used to having your furniture in a certain way. But for staging your home, it really pays to create a look with the room that is much more aesthetically pleasing. So it could be that you rent some furniture until you sell, if your couch is a little worse for wear, perhaps. It could also mean moving furniture around, and even packing some furniture away to create a more open and airy space.


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