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How To Rent Out Your Vacation Home

For years, buying a vacation home has been a popular option for those who are more fortunate financially. The idea of having another place in their favorite beachside location to saunter to on the weekends has been a dream that many have achieved. The idea of owning a home elsewhere is fantastic, but what do you do for other 50 weeks of the year where you aren’t using it? Europeans have always rented out their homes to others when they don’t use them, so why can’t you do the same thing?

Financial Benefits

When you’ve bought a second home, years before retirement, you’ve got a lot of time to generate a passive income. You have a beautiful home courtesy of Phyllis Frankel Realty Group of Ponte Vedra Beach, and now you want to rent it out to others, knowing that there are financial benefits to be had. Not everyone with a second home will want to rent it to others, though. Some people out there like to keep it locked up tight for their own use only, which is great, but if there’s a mortgage to pay it’s nice to have some help. Renting it out could be the best option. Not only are you going to build a second income, you’re going to pay off the house so that you own it outright. It’s not going to be an overnight success, your rental plan, but it can do a lot for your financial security. You do have to have patience and you also need a big commitment to customer service. Renting out your home means interacting with others, marketing your house and attracting people to stay there. Without guests, you’re not going to have that income, and your house will stand empty for much of the year.

Marketing and Management

It is a business to rent out a vacation home. Not many people realize that when they head to a local website and try to list their home. You need to have the proper tools for a business in place, such as the ability to accept online payments and paying taxes. It’s a lot of hard work, but if you’re prepared for it, it’ll be worth it for you. The first decision anyone makes when they put their house on the market is whether they want to use a management company to take on the day to day administration or whether they want to do it themselves. You can choose to do half and half, using a website like this one to have a company market your property for you but you deal with inquiries, payments, and bookings. If you don’t want to think about any of it, then you should consider a management company who can run everything for you.

Renting Your Vacation Home

Before you rent out your vacation property, you need to make it look good. This isn’t just for marketing purposes, but when people go on vacation they want luxury and perfection, not bargain-basement furniture and a broken security system. Decorating and equipping your house for rent isn’t going to be cheap but consider it an investment. Hire a photographer of professional caliber to come in and take the photos of your home once you’ve finished it; the more professional the photos, the better you will attract a customer. While you’re in the hiring process, think about researching cleaners and maintenance crews for changeover days. You’ll also need to research the right insurance for your vacation home, as your homeowner policy in your house won’t necessarily cover you.

Getting Reviews

Always clear the legalities before you rent out your home. You need to know whether you’re allowed to, for a start, and then you need to check if your homeowner association will allow short-term rentals. There is a lot of administration surrounding a rental and it can get complicated. It’s usually at this point that some homeowners will speak to management companies to do it all for them. We do live in a world of the online review, so you should consider this through the whole process. People will always leave words behind about the places that they stay, and the one way that you can attract new customers is with a great review. As long as you’re giving people something great to speak about, you’re going to find success.

Renting out a vacation home takes some time; give yourself that time to thoroughly research everything that’s included in building yourself another income. You won’t regret it once you get started!


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