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Renting A Home: Safety Features To Consider

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For many people, renting a home is easier and less expensive than buying one. You don’t have to deal with mortgages and down payments. And depending on your tenancy agreement, you won’t worry about repairs and maintenance costs. Despite these benefits, there’s always a concern about safety and security. Statistics about break-ins show that renters are more vulnerable to property crime than homeowners. So, are you considering renting a home, or do you already live in one? Here are some safety features the rental property should have.

  • A new lock on the front door

If you just moved into a rental property, request that the door leading to the outside comes with a new lock. Doing this is especially important if you’re not the first person to move in. If there are previous tenants, you cannot be certain they still don’t have copies of the old keys to the front door. If your landlord refuses to change the locks, you may have to cover the cost on your own. It’s a small price to pay, considering the level of security it offers you. But don’t limit your efforts to the front door only. Check to ensure that the back door and other entry points are secure. And if the property is gated, be sure that the gate isn’t difficult to operate. And should the current gate need repair or replacement, you can visit sites like for residential gate repairs and installation services.

  • Privacy rights protected

The fact that you’ve rented property does not mean your landlord can barge in at any time. You need your privacy and the right to be left alone, and the last thing you want is a landlord that can enter a rental unit at any time. So, before you agree to rent any property, insist that the landlord includes your right to privacy in the tenancy agreement. If you’ve already rented the property, you can still talk to your landlord about it, even if it’s not an issue currently.

  • Policy on pet ownership

It also helps to know your landlord’s pet policy before you move in. That is important if you need to get a dog for security purposes. Getting a dog is like installing an alarm system, as they can warn you about intruders in your home, especially at night. Some reports suggest that many burglars consider the presence of a big, loud dog to be a deal-breaker.

  • Consider emergency exits 

While it’s important to ensure that the rental property is burglar-proof, good security is also about making sure that you have a way out of the property in case of an emergency. Find out if the property has backdoor exit routes and fire escape plans posted or displayed on the property. Also, check if the windows can open easily from within and are not prone to jamming too often. If the rental space is not close to the ground, find out if there are escape ladders within reach.


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