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How to Repair and Maintain Roof Shingles

No matter where we live, there is really no question that we need to keep up with the maintenance of our homes.  Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.  Especially when it comes to our roofs, out of sight, out of mind can be a real danger.

Beyond just that, there is also the fact that most of the time it is not safe for us to try to go onto our roofs on our own.  It requires a surprising level of expertise to do so safely.  Let us just say most homeowners are not quite there.  That is why there are professional roofers, though, and we will be covering them later on.

For now, we will stick to things that you can do on your own to help maintain your roof.  Although we can check out resources like this one to get an idea of how to start, they tend not to be as specific as many of us would like.

What Do We Mean by Roof Maintenance?

Before we delve into ways to respond to a damaged roof or shingles, let us talk about some of the ways we can prevent the issues from happening.  Just keep in mind that some wear and tear is inevitable, so we cannot necessarily stop all of it from happening.  Rather, these are some general chores to keep track of.

While there are not that many trees around here in Salt Lake City, that does not mean we should not be cleaning our gutters as regularly as possible.  Depending on how well you have kept up with it in the past, it may or may not be something that you can do on your own.  Regular upkeep can be helpful though.

When it is worse, that is when it can get dangerous.  That is covered in blogs like this one:  It will be up to your own discretion to decide whether or not you need to call in the pros to help out with the project, but hopefully, these resources help out.

Another chore that you can often handle on your own is removing any big debris and trimming branches if you have trees in your yard.  Honestly, many of the issues that happen with roofs stem from trees, as wonderful as they are to have around.  Trimming them regularly and clearing off twigs or leaves can make a big difference.

Finally, the last thing we would like to mention on this front is that you should pay close attention to whether or not there is a lot of moss or algae growth on your shingles.  Typically, this is limited to moist and warm areas, so it will really depend on where you are in the Salt Lake area.  There are treatments we can apply to shingles if it becomes a regular issue, though.

When Should We Call a Professional Roofer?

Shifting gears now, let us discuss when you should not attempt a DIY project with your roof.  One thing to keep in mind here is that when it comes to many of these projects or tasks, there’s inherent risk involved if you are not experienced with walking on top of buildings.  We mentioned it earlier, but it is worth reiterating just in case you still were not convinced.

With that out of the way, there are actually a lot of warning signs that indicate it may be time to call a roofing contractor.  Many of them have to do with shingles.  For instance, if you start to notice that a lot of your shingles have fallen or are broken somehow, that can be a sizeable problem.

In a similar vein, shingle “pops” can also be a problem.  This is a phrase used when you notice some of them sticking up above the rest, hence the “pop” bit.  It is caused by a few different things, but often it is the result of an attic not having proper ventilation and thus reaching extremely hot temperatures.  Either way, you will want to get it fixed as soon as you can.

Water tends to cause its own fair share of issues.  Organizations like R&R roofing contractors offer some perspectives on how that can impact shingles in particular if you are interested in that sort of thing.  Often, we can see the water staining in our attics as well if it is from the roof, so you can get further confirmation of a problem that way if you are not certain about the root cause.

Sagging is a huge danger sign, so if that is what you are seeing, you will want to call a contractor right away.  It happens more in older roofs, but no matter the age of it, section sagging could be a signal that it is about to collapse or cave in.  Obviously, we will want to do anything we can to prevent that from happening.

On that note, older roofs tend to have more issues in general.  Most are only made to last thirty years at most, so if you have one that has been around for longer than that, it may be time to schedule an inspection.  Keeping an eye on them at that age is usually for the best as far as maintaining safety goes.

Are Roofing Contractors Worth the Hire?

When we are looking at a cost breakdown for attempting a repair by ourselves versus hiring a professional to do the job, at first glance the DIY options can be quite appealing.  The issue is that most of the time, the DIY project will not go exactly according to plan.  Thus, you will end up paying a lot more.

After all, if you manage to damage your shingles further or injure yourself due to a fall, that can be really bad news.  Protecting yourself from that alone justifies the cost of hiring a roofing contractor if you were on the fence before.

Another point to keep in mind here is that their work will be high-quality and efficient, meaning that you can get back to your normal schedule as soon as possible.  You will not have to worry about floodings, or leaks, or cave-ins.  Instead, you can focus on the other important stuff in your life and let the contractor handle it!


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