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Roof Hail Damage: How to Spot It and What to Do About It

More than 5, 000 hail events have hit America in 2018 alone.

Almost all states in the U.S went through at least one significant hailstorm the same year, but most occurred in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas.

Unless you reside in one of the Hail Alley states, chances are hails don’t pique too much of your interest.

Well, they should!

Hail storms result in costly hail damage to the tune of billions every year. Hails can be a nightmare for homeowners as they cause damage to the roof and other properties.

If your area has gone through a hailstorm, don’t sit back, relax and think everything is okay. When hail destroys your roof, it’s usually not easy to spot especially if you have not done it before.

It’s not something to worry about. Use this actionable guide to help you know how to spot the damage hails storms cause on the roof and the proper action to take.

What Hail Damage Looks Like On the Roof

After a hail storm, it may not be obvious there’s damage on your roof. You need to inspect the roof to know if there’s any need for repairs or replacements. Some of the signs indicating hail destruction on the roof include:

  • Missing, cracking or bruising of shingles and other roofing material
  • Dents on the roof’s ridge cap, vents, downspouts, gutter screens, and gutters
  • Damage to casings/windowsills and siding
  • Shattered or broken solar panels, window panes, and other exterior elements
  • Damage to air conditioners and other items outdoors
  • Internal leaking

Remember to prioritize safety while searching for any of the above signs. If you’re using a ladder to access the roof, make sure it’s steady. You also need the proper gear to avoid slipping, falling, and hurting yourself.

What to Do After Noticing Signs of Roof Hail Damage

Immediately seek assistance from a top local Roofing Boise specialist once you get evidence of hail damage roof. The expert will come in to inspect the level of damage and proceed to tackle any minor repairs and leave you with a functional roof.

Roof replacement may be the only solution in cases where the damage is severe.

It’s advisable to take videos and pictures of the current state of the roof. It helps if you have previous documentation of the home before the hail storm.

Consult your roofing contractor and a public adjuster on how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement. Replacing a roof is quite costly; thus, you need to look into channels to help you save money.

Take Action! Don’t Let Hail Storms Destroy your Roof

Anytime you experience a hail storm you need to rush against time to save your home. Contact a roofing company to conduct a comprehensive hail damage roof inspection.

Besides diagnosing the problem an expert roofer will advise on whether you need to make a claim.

If the damage is not too much, the roofer will offer a long-lasting solution to keep your home dry and safe for years. You may want to consider hail resistant shingles if you live in a region prone to dangerous hail storms.

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