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Rustic Style: Cozy Cabin Decor Ideas for Your Home

You love getting away from the city for a while, and you’ve finally achieved your dream of buying your own log cabin.

The only problem?

When it comes to cabin decor ideas, you’re willing to admit that you have no idea what you’re doing.

You want the space to have a peaceful and natural feel, but you also want to be chic in addition to cozy and comfortable when you’re off the grid.

From rustic window seats to picking the right color palette, read on to learn from some of our best rustic cabin decorating ideas.

1. Install a Window Seat

There are few better things than sipping on a warm cup of coffee and watching the gorgeous scenes of nature from your cabin window.

To make the most of your time, you should install a window seat when you’re decorating a cabin. Add a flannel blanket and a small floor lamp nearby, so that you can curl up with a good book while you enjoy the scenery.

Even consider adding a bookshelf on one of the surrounding walls, so that you never run out of reading material.

If you’re especially handy, you might even be able to install your own window seat. This guide makes it easy to learn how. We think it’s a great way to leave your own mark on your cabin, and you’ll enjoy relaxing in the space, even more, knowing that you created it.

Plus, you can also use the window seat as an extra storage spot in your cabin. We think it’s a great place for hiking and skiing gear. Goodbye, clutter!

2. Try Wood Paneling

In most cases, wood paneling is associated with 1970s decor – and many homeowners actually try to get rid of it.

However, there’s one place that it definitely belongs: on the walls of your cabin.

Treated wood paneling is synonymous with rustic cabin style, and you can choose the perfect finish to make it darker or lighter. If you want to go with a more modern touch, you could even paint the paneling red or deep green, the perfect cabin colors.

Another amazing trick we love?

If you don’t want your entire walls to be covered with wood paneling, install an old barn door to create a beautiful accent wall.

3. Invest in a Stone Fireplace

Since much of cabin decor keeps to a chestnut brown, red, green, and yellow color scheme, great cabin decor ideas are those that play around with texture.

Since granite countertops don’t exactly give you the most laid back look, one place to get creative with texture is your fireplace.

Gorgeous gray stones look absolutely stunning when arranged in an arch over the fireplace. Don’t aim for a perfect fit when you’re installing the stone fireplace. Use natural rocks of different shapes and sizes to keep things interesting.

Since lots of wood will certainly be involved in your cabin’s construction, always ensure you practice smart fireplace safety.

4. Save Space With Bunkbeds

Now that the word is out about your cabin, we’re certain that many of your friends and family members would love to be able to stay there with you.

In order to accommodate everyone and prevent overcrowding your space, we suggest that you invest in some bunk beds. Especially if younger children will be staying at the cabin, we’re certain that they’ll be thrilled with this touch of rustic fun.

If you’re still in the process of finding the perfect mountain home, consider adding built-in bunk beds to your log cabin buying checklist.

5. Open Kitchen Shelving

Whether you’re storing canned goods or picking things from your cabin garden, open kitchen shelving is certainly a hallmark of cabin decor.

Plus, if you’re only staying there for part of the year, you likely won’t have too many groceries.

Open shelving makes it easier for you to find everything you need. To keep things looking interesting, pick up some antique spice jars and break up the shelving space with small flowers and other knick-knacks.

Don’t be afraid to use open shelving in other parts of your cabin, too.

We especially love the idea of installing an open shelf right outside your cabin’s entrance. Consider it a subtle reminder for everyone to take off their muddy shoes before coming back indoors. Also, add a hook outside for jackets and umbrellas.

6. Get Bold With Lighting

Let’s be honest: most cabin decorating ideas aren’t about creating a bold statement or going too over-the-top.

There’s one place in your cabin home, however, where the less-is-more rule doesn’t apply: your lighting fixtures.

Don’t be afraid to go for a bold chandelier, and use natural materials like wood and old branches if you can. Of course, you could always go for a classic look and invest in an antler chandelier.

Try These Cabin Decor Ideas to Make Your Space Special

We know that these cabin decor ideas have you ready to hit the flea market, head to your favorite home decorating shop, or even go into the woods to look for the perfect raw materials.

It’s easy to find ways to accent the natural beauty of your wooded surroundings, while at the same time making the space uniquely your own.

Need a few more tips on where you should go when you just need a break from the Bay Area for a while?

Want to score the latest decorating tips and tricks?

Our blog makes it easy to do all that and more, so keep checking in with us for the latest in all things chic.


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