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The Secrets to Making Your Home Look Expensive

No matter what your budget, you can make your home look expensive and luxurious. When we think of luxurious-looking homes, we typically envision minimalism and a lot of space.

A great example of what looks like luxury is our many beautiful listings with stunning views and fixtures and fittings of high quality.

The secret to making your home luxurious looking –  is time and vision. Investing your time into creating a seamless and exciting theme throughout the house.

Suppose you consider how you feel when you walk into a hotel room. Usually, the rooms are light, bright, well cleaned, and everything has a purpose and a place. You can replicate this in your own living space.

Textures, scents, fittings, and fixtures need to have a cohesion that makes them fit together.

Interior designers spend a lot of time walking through the space, looking at the details, the flow of the movement, and where the light falls.

It’s your turn to do the same.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash


Where possible full-length curtains make a room feel more significant, the textures and colors you choose can also substantially impact how much light you get.

Using a curtain rod more expansive than the windows by a few inches will increase their perceived size.

The trick to making this feel classic rather than mismeasured is having only an inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the curtain.

Windows that are worse for wear are going to require a deep clean and perhaps replacement.

If selling your home is something you have in mind, replacing your windows and doors will add value to the house. As well as added value, newer windows and doors look better to prospective buyers.

Only hire reputable companies that have plenty of positive reviews and experience, like Renewal by Andersen.

It is also wise to make all window dressing the same color or style- giving a cohesive look.

Neutral Base

There is a lot to be said for a well-designed bold home. However, it can be a tricky balance unless you have a keen eye or work with an interior designer.

A few splashes of color can quickly become overwhelming and feel cluttered, small, or messy.

Neutral bases like white, cream, or other paler tones are the perfect canvas. You can add color details in rich fabrics like a rug, sofa, bed, and other accessories.

Most high-end spaces will use color sparingly, letting the design of the home and furniture speak volumes.

Keeping a neutral base is also cost-effective.

Space and Light

Making the most of the space and the light will give any room the appearance of luxury and expense.

Letting in as much natural light as possible also highlights the amount of space available. Making rooms look and feel bigger.

Aside from the correct window fittings, using mirrors can allow light to bounce around the room. Hanging mirrors across from the windows is the most innovative way to maximize the light in the room.

Floor-length mirrors add a point of interest and increase the light too.

Well placed and intelligently considered floor lighting and mood lighting can ensure that there are no dark corners. Mood lighting adds an extra dimension that ceiling lights don’t always provide.

Vintage items

A rich emerald green chair upholstered in velvet can be an eye-catching feature. A deep green will stand out against the neutral walls. Combine with palm plants and gold accessories for a simple yet sumptuous look.

Vintage rugs are an investment that changes the space with minimal effort. While this can be one of the more expensive purchases, it will work wonders.

If you can’t stretch your budget to an authentic vintage rug, a faux vintage rug with similar features can look stunning.

Rugs should fill the space they are in, similar to floor-length mirrors; if it’s too small, it won’t work.

Vintage items should be used sparingly, as they bring a lot of character to a room and should be the main feature.

Plants and Hardware

It is the details that make a huge impact – even when you aren’t paying attention. Matching door handles, light plates, and curtain rods.

If you don’t want to spend your budget buying new ones, you can spray them all to match. A matte old gold, black, or silver will give a polished look to your home.

Plants and flowers add life and a calming green presence to your home. It is crucial that when choosing plants, you have a space that they will grow well.

Dying and browning plants are hard to miss and not a great look.
And the most important part? Having great storage to keep clutter tucked away and clean often.


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