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How Do I Sell My House As Quickly As Possible?

After you have decided to sell your home, it is natural to want to sell your house as quickly as possible and for the most money you can. If you make the right moves in presentation, marketing, and property valuation, almost anyone can sell a house fast to the right buyer. That said, as it’s a stressful process, even when everything goes fairly smoothly, the less energy you invest to make it happen, the better.

Here is how to sell your house as quickly as possible.

Market Conditions

Let’s assume I’m a homeowner, viewing the market from a buyer’s perspective. I am likelier to sell my house fast when house prices rise, and inventory is scarce. While I can’t control these factors per se, they are worth looking into as I’m pricing your home for a quick sale.

However, adjust your terms and conditions accordingly. If the response to your house is lukewarm and you aren’t getting the offers you thought you would, be open to adjusting the terms and conditions to suit a buyer with an interest. Be ready to sweeten the deal if/when necessary.

Market Your Home As-Is

Market and price your house a little lower than you normally would. Make it clear you’re selling it as-is and are looking for a quick sale if possible. This will attract the right buyers, aware that you’re looking for a quick sale, hopefully speeding up the offers, negotiation, and closing.

Price Your Home Appropriately

Prospective buyers will be uninterested if the price is too high. A price too low could be suspicious to potential bidders as well. Price competitively, always. A realtor can help you determine that number and what’s most likely to get you a quick sale without sacrificing too much of your profit.

Do What You Can To Move Fast

There are a lot of things you can do to sell a house as quickly as possible. Offer to cover all closing costs if it’s feasible. Accommodate the buyer’s preferred move-in schedule. Agree to and quickly get done with any inspections a prospective buyer wants. Address their concerns and offer to cover the expense of any repairs a buyer wants done.

Tackle Small, Easy Fixes

Loose faucets. Carpet stains. Clogged drains. Loose hinges. These small repairs can be cheaply done and reinforce the perception that your property has value. So long as it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require too much of your time, seriously consider handling the small stuff that’s been nagging at you.

Unless something dire needs fixing, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands renovating the bathroom or kitchen to make your property more marketable. If there’s a demand to buy any type of property in your area, that’s all you need. Don’t worry about updating, trying to appear trendy, or renovating what you would normally renovate if you had the time.

Boost Curb Appeal

Where you may want to think about tidying up and somewhat renovating is for curb appeal. Your home’s exterior is key to a quick sale. Touch up the paint job and wash the windows. Make sure the address number is clear on your house. Add new door handles. Straighten uneven paths and ensure the lawn is cut, bushes pruned, and everything is in its right place.

Clean Before Showings

While some may go so far as to stage their home, if you opt not to, at least clean your home before showings. Remove clutter. Hide personal items so that buyers can see themselves living in the property. You may even want to set some snacks and turn on the charm, especially for an open house.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

If you need a house sold fast and efficiently, always go to an experienced real estate agent such as Gillingham’s leading estate agents. They can plug you into their marketing and likely get your property sold for a lot more and generally faster than you alone can. The realtor you hire should know the local market and have a sales record.

Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer

Some buyers will buy your home for cash quickly. They’re investors on the market, looking for something they can flip for profit. Though you may take a cut in what you accept for payment, you can offload a property quickly if you’re willing to give it up to a cash buyer.

Be Ready to Move Quickly

If you can’t close a real estate sale, that can be an issue. The average home closing process already takes 30-45 days. If you and your buyer are prepared and motivated, you can move things along reasonably quickly, minus any uncontrollable delays or wait times.


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