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Selling An Antique Home: What You Need To Keep In Mind

Each antique home has its distinct features and personality, and there is a great market out there for people who want to buy historical properties. Selling these homes takes specialized skills and a few additional considerations. When selling a home full of antiques and history ensure that you are well equipped with the facts and play to the buyers’ sensibilities.

Research the specific history of your property

Buyers of historical homes are bound to be intrigued by the historical details of the house. Make sure that you have researched the home in-depth and arm yourself with the facts. The current owners may have a detailed history of the property, or you can research yourself or hire someone to do a thorough job. There may be old documents available to look at which divulge the history of the area, or old photos which showcase the house and its surroundings from years gone by.

You should know what year the home was built, what the original features are, whether there have been any renovations to the property. If there are specific historical features that still exist, for example, a dumbwaiter or phone niche, be sure to point these out. Each house has a story, it is your job to bring this story alive by providing the historical context to the prospective buyer.

Find an angle to pique the buyer’s interest. If a historical figure lived in the residence, or even visited on an occasion, this can boost the value and saleability of the property. Equally, providing the historical context of the area itself will also be fascinating for buyers; place them back in time and demonstrate the years of history which make the property so incredible.

All of this information cements the character and authenticity of the house making it all the more attractive to buyers.

Get ahead of potential issues with a seller’s inspection

Before listing the property, it is wise to get a seller’s inspection to ensure you’re on top of any issues that may arise at a later date, putting the sale in jeopardy. 39% of recent buyers were looking to avoid issues with plumbing or electricity. Hire inspectors trained specifically in historical properties. Issues to look out for include outdated or faulty wiring, cracked foundations, and leaks.

If any problems are found, you can get these taken care of so they won’t negatively affect negotiations further down the line. You will have to disclose any major issues that are uncovered to potential buyers. But being aware of potential problems enables you to stay ahead of any maintenance issues, ensuring your property is in its best condition ahead of going on the market.

Highlight the unique features of the house

What draws a lot of people to antique homes is the undeniable architectural beauty and exquisite craftsmanship which has ensured that the house lasts. Take advantage of the features which showcase this. Draw attention to the original features of the house, buyers want to see original fireplaces, floors, and doors.

The charm of a historic property is often the nostalgia it evokes for time past. Architectural designs or features from a historical era exacerbate this, such as milk doors from the 19th century, located next to the kitchen or pantry, for the milkman to leave milk, cream, and butter. Ensure you highlight any unique features like this that are present in the house.

Help the buyers see the property’s potential

Whilst some antique homes may have had restoration work done to modernize the space, others may be in a more distressed state. Both of these examples have potential, some buyers may want a fully modernized historical property, however, many buyers may relish the opportunity for a restoration project. Assess where your property lies on the scale, and play into this.

If the property is more of a restoration project, helps the buyer to envisage the potential it holds. Use creative design solutions to show how to make the property relevant to modern-day buyers. Suggest how cutting edge facilities with the latest technology can be added to the home to ensure it is in keeping with modern-day possibilities. Talk about how they can renovate the kitchen whilst stay true to the original style of the house. Helping buyers envision how they could improve and shape the space themselves into something unique and spectacular will boost the chances of selling.

Ultimately, you have an incredible property on your hands. It is important to understand the history behind it, what makes it unique, who used to live there, and what went on behind its walls. Always highlight the original features that still exist, and have a thorough inspection to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line. These tips will help facilitate a smooth sale and showcase the antique home in its best light.


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