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Several Important Parts of a Conveyancing Search

Conveyancing searches are investigations conducted by your conveyancer to identify any issues which could compromise the property you’re purchasing, thus protecting you from discovering serious problems only after closing, when it may be too late to take any remedial steps.

Your conveyancer will order various searches from your local authority, such as planning permission search, water and drainage search and environmental search. It is crucial that these are completed as they could reveal planning restrictions, environmental concerns or flood risks if not carried out.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is a legal requirement when building new homes and making major modifications to existing properties, designed to deter inappropriate development while giving only those qualified to build access. Companies like may walk you through it, while others expect these steps to be taken beforehand. Whatever the case, when making decisions on whether to grant planning permission or not, local authorities take into account both national and local planning policies as well as consultation with statutory consulters and their views from within their communities.

If you’re thinking about purchasing or building on land, conducting an online search to see what permissions have been granted can be especially helpful if the property already has planning permission or falls within a conservation area. Understanding what’s allowed on your property will save both time and money when working with architects or building contractors, not to mention you might even discover that no planning permission is needed!

Local Authority Searches

There are two different kinds of local authority searches: official, in which your council conducts them for you; and personal, where an external agency checks information against the Local Land Charges Register on your behalf. While personal searches tend to be quicker and cheaper, they also risk employer error more readily.

No matter where your property lies – be it within the UK or overseas – conducting a local authority search can reveal key details of its ownership, such as the Local Land Charges Register containing entries legally binding upon successive owners, planning agreements, tree preservation orders or conservation area registrations which could apply.

Your lender may require that a local authority search is completed as part of your mortgage application, and failing to do so by a certain date could compromise both your sale price and mortgage deal. Therefore, acting quickly could make all the difference to how quickly and easily this matter can be resolved.

Environmental Searches

Before purchasing a house, it is crucial to fully assess any environmental risks it might present – this may include contamination, ground subsidence or flood risk which can all have serious ramifications for its value and use in future years.

As part of the conveyancing process, an environmental search will be ordered to assess whether your property lies on contaminated land or water. This may be especially relevant in cases involving former industrial sites that contain potentially toxic substances that pose health threats to those living nearby.

Many lenders require this kind of search before offering you a mortgage, since purchasing property on contaminated land or near a landfill site could prove costly to rectify and could prevent you from being able to resell in the future.

Searches will reveal any contaminative uses of land, including industrial sites, landfill and waste disposal facilities, petrol storage tanks and any other sources of environmental pollution. They also show any areas that might be susceptible to radon emissions in their immediate area.

Ownership Searches

Before purchasing any property, it is imperative that you gain an in-depth understanding of its history and any potential issues. That is where conveyancing searches come in handy.

Conveyancing searches are inquiries conducted on your behalf by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer with various authorities that hold information on the property you wish to buy and the land on which it rests, according to this site. Conveyancing searches are invaluable tools for buyers, and often make a huge difference to the decisions that will ultimately be made about a purchase decision.

Assuming you find out that a property lies within an area with environmental or building extension restrictions, and decide against purchasing it. This could prompt you to look elsewhere for suitable accommodations.

Searches can also provide an effective means of verifying that the property you want to buy is legally registered, providing insight into who owns the land as well as any registered mortgages, easements or covenants which place obligations on owners.


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