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What Are Some Signs That a New Roof is Needed?

Projects involving the roof of your home or business are among the most significant investments you will ever make. Transparent project management will go a long way in providing a stress-free replacement roofing experience. If you find yourself wondering about the status of your current roof, you should contact a roofing contractor to help you determine what needs to be done.

There are several telltale signs that can indicate replacement roofing is necessary. The need for a roof replacement could arrive even sooner than expected due to general environmental or other deterioration factors requiring immediate attention. If you notice any of the following signs that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, contact a roofing contractor for an estimate.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles that are damaged and worn can appear curled or cracked. Some shingles may even be missing entirely. This is a sure sign that professional attention is needed before a leak develops and damages the structure of your home, your furniture, and keepsakes. 

Water Stains or Cracking Paint Spots

If you notice stains or cracked paint on the interior or exterior of your home, your first thought may not be to check the roof for damage! However, that is likely the culprit of this troubling sign you may need a replacement roof.

Mold or Moss Growth

Any moss or mold growth (mushrooms, too) is a scary sign indicating that moisture is being trapped in your roof where it should not be. In time, this will badly damage your roof; to avoid further damage, be sure to have a proper inspection scheduled as soon as you notice this sign.

Light Visible in Attic

Being able to see light pouring through the ceiling seems like an obvious sign that a replacement roof is needed, right? However, this one is often overlooked because you probably do not spend much time in the place you need to be to notice this sign! Indications of this require a thorough inspection of your attic space, so calling professionals is your best bet.

Sagging Roof
When you (and everyone else) can easily see that your roof is sagging, there’s no question a roofing replacement is in your near future. This situation can become dangerous quickly, and only a professional should do the inspection to find out exactly which steps need to be taken next.

Water Leaking

Anytime water is leaking into your home, you know there’s serious trouble. Damage to your valuables can happen very quickly, so this is not a time to wait and see what happens. Call a trustworthy roofing specialist right away if you notice water leaks.

Age Considerations

Eventually, even if you don’t notice obvious signs that your roof requires replacement, it may be the right time to do it. Once the roof on your home or investment property approaches 20 years old, you should consider options for updating this important piece of the property’s value.

Choose a Trusted and Reliable Roofing Replacement Contractor

It’s best to have a reliable roofing replacement contractor do a thorough checkup on your roof instead of climbing up there yourself, which can be a dangerous task. 

Whether your goal is maintaining your current home or increasing the value of your investment property, choosing a trustworthy professional should be high on your list of priorities. Working with a trustworthy roofing construction contractor who prioritizes integrity and the highest quality workmanship will put your mind at ease and ensure you make a valuable investment.



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